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PAS swanks in Permatang Pauh, but sucks in Exco Selangor

The Malaysian Insight - PAS eyes Permatang Pauh, all other PKR seats in GE14:

everyone wants to issue his own fatwa, like the DG of Jakim 

ISLAMIST party PAS said it will field its candidates at all PKR seats in the next elections, including the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat currently held by PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

PAS vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said the party has the right to decide where it would field its candidates as it was no longer working with PKR, adding that it was not afraid of three-cornered-fights. [...]

Despite severing ties, PAS continues to work with the PKR-led government in Selangor under the leadership of menteri besar and PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali. [...]

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad recently launched its election machinery in Permatang Pauh, drawing the ire of PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang who said the party’s actions reeked of arrogance and provocation.

Aiyoyo, I have to agree once with Tian Chua, wakakaka, that the Moon Party has been arrogant and provocative.

But actually PAS is worse, now being seen as a greedy & very hard-up party, which if it has any moral principle especially as a putative Islamic party, would and should have honourably resigned from all exco positions in the Selangor DUN (Dewan Undang2 Negeri) especially since its vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah arrogantly and yes, provocatively said the party ... was no longer working with PKR.

Arrogant and boastful about its now-go-it-alone and to-f**ks-with-PKR, yet it still shamefully and disgustingly sucks from the tits of the Pakatan state Government.

Malu lah, 'ni PAS.

dei kuda, this trough is only for lembu

but makan dari PR trough syiok lah, and we're 'mandated'

In more than one way, blame its curi-makan mentality on the encouragement of PKR MB Azmin Ali who has 'opened something kang-kang' for PAS.

Let's see what Azmin will now say?

Hmmm, maybe not much as he probably may not be too worried about Wan Azizah (or as rumoured, Nurul Izzah) losing in Permatang Pauh due to the likely 3-corner fight among PKR, UMNO and the makan-dedak-busuk-hati PAS.

But come to think of it, I hope PAS Selangor will consider contesting also the Gombak federal constituency (P98) in GE-14, wakakaka. 

Briefly, in 2013 there was an 87% turnout for Gombak, numbering 107,000 voters who did not play mahjong, wakakaka.

Azmin won 52% of those votes while BN's Raman Ismail achieved 47.5% [stats to nearest decimal 5].

But if PAS were to put up a candidate in Gombak in GE-14, what will happen?

To have a rough idea, let's re-wind the Gombak elections back a bit to 2004, prior to the formation of Pakatan Rakyat, when only PAS contested the constituency against BN.

While the then-PAS candidate Mohd Hatta Md. Ramli did not win, he obtained 40% of the votes against BN's 60%, thus there was a considerable number of PAS supporters in Gombak. Some of those PAS voters might have supported Azmin in 2008 and 2013.

I wonder what effect will a PAS entry into the Gombak election in GE-14 pose for dear old Azmin?

But if PAS does not campur tangan in Gombak but only in Permatang Pauh, wakakaka, we will just have to wonder why the Moon Party is cherry-picking?

By the by, DPM Ahmad Zahid has just declared he will personally oversee the BN's participation in Gombak in GE-14, in order to wrest back the federal constituency from Azmin Ali.

Will Azmin Ali be staying steadfast in Gombak for GE-14?


Why Malanjum lost to Raus as Chief Justice

MM Online - Lack of diversity in appointments to high office in the judiciary — HAKAM (extracts):

JULY 24 — The appointment of the present Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal to continue in their posts after the mandatory retirement age of 66 years plus a further 6 months allowed by the Constitution — has understandably generated a great deal of controversy in legal circles as well as the public. Many question the constitutionality of these appointments.

It is unfortunate that we have the highest levels of our judiciary embroiled in a constitutional crisis when it is the apex Federal Court that routinely deals with constitutional matters.

Is it not apparent that the time is long overdue to appoint the most qualified judge from East Malaysia to fill the post of Chief Justice?

And is it also not equally apparent that it is long overdue for a lady judge to be elevated to the position of one of the office holders in the Judiciary?

HAKAM is the National Human Rights Society headed by our dear Ambiga Sreenevasan. She should know why, like so many public institutions in Malaysia, the Judiciary has been so mutilated, in fact since mutilated.

The answer is a three-syllable-word, to wit, Mahathir.

During Mahathir's reign as PM of this nation, we suffered the Malaysian Constitutional Crisis of 1988 where the Lord President (now called Chief Justice) was kicked out.

Wikipedia tells about that crisis which demolished our erstwhile independent judiciary (extracts):

In 1988, Tun Salleh Abas was brought before a tribunal convened by the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad on the grounds of misconduct.

The tribunal was chaired by Tun Hamid Omar.

Hamid Omar, deputy to Lord President Salleh Abas

the 'Timbalan' who kowtim-ed his Boss and then succeeded the deposed Lord President

Hamid Omar was completely cold-shouldered by the Malaysian Bar

In response to the tribunal, Tun Salleh Abas filed a suit in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur to challenge the constitutionality of the tribunal. While proceeding with the suit, Tun Salleh Abas applied for an interim stay against the tribunal until 4 July 1988. The request was denied.

Later however, five judges of the Supreme Court convened and granted Tun Salleh Abas an interlocutory order against the tribunal.

righteous & thus kowtim-ed too

Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader, one of the most erudite and brilliant of our earlier-days judges never did quite recover from that shame of being suspended and was fearful of his beloved wife Haseenah Abduillah hearing of it - broken hearted, he killed himself after his wife's demise

Upon receiving the order, Tun Salleh Abas' solicitors proceed to the Parliament to present the chairman of the tribunal the interlocutory order. The gate leading to the Parliament however was locked and Tun Salleh Abas' representative had to call in the police to be guaranteed a passage into the Parliament. Eventually, the order was presented to the tribunal chairman.

Soon after, the five judges were suspended.

The judges were Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader, Tan Sri Wan Hamzah Mohamed Salleh, Tan Sri Wan Suleiman Pawanteh and Datuk George Seah.

This effectively suspended the Supreme Court. With the Supreme Court suspended, the challenge toward the legality of the tribunal could not be heard.

The tribunal later removed Tun Salleh Abas from his office. Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman and Datuk George Seah were also removed from office. The other three judges were later reinstated.

The irregular dismissal of Tun Salleh Abas led the Bar Council of Malaysia refusing to recognise the new Lord President.

Around the same time, the Federal Constitution was amended to divest the courts of the "judicial power of the Federation", granting them instead such judicial powers as Parliament might grant them.

A major critic to Mahathir's actions include Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. In a New York Times article, he was said to be "disgusted" at the actions.

His views however were criticised by the then Education Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, who claimed that the Tunku was ″a grand old man who has done his bit.″

Mahathir's supporters insisted that it had liberated the Malaysian judiciary from a colonial mindset. The sacking of several justices was justified by claims that these judges had been abusing public funds for their personal expenses — such as the purchase of luxury furniture from Italy. It was also claimed that the sackings had eliminated deadwood and improved efficiency in the courts, as evinced by a reduction in their backlog.

That mutilation, rot and stench linger on until today, thanks to Mahathir who destroyed the independence of the Judiciary. 

Two years ago, retired Court of Appeal judge Justice Datuk Mohd has said that the notoriously evil sacking of then Lord President Tun Salleh Abas and two other judges,
Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman and Datuk George Seah, was a national tragedy.

That shameful event continues to haunt the judiciary till this very day, and in the good judge's estimate, will take generations for the good name of the judiciary to be regained (if ever).

He said Salleh and the five Supreme Court judges were innocent of the charges.

Naturally Mahathir, the man who was/is never wrong, and now defended piously by many Pakatan power-crazed acolytes, denied responsibility for Salleh's sacking.

convenient to blame a dead man
besides mahathir was/is never wrong

Instead, he conveniently blamed a dead man for that problem, namely, the late Sultan Iskandar Ismail for using him to vent his annoyance with Salleh who had complained about the noise coming from renovation works at the Johor ruler’s house.

But HRH Johor said that it was Mahathir who used his (late) father to remove Salleh.

The removal of the former Lord President Salleh Abas is widely viewed as the point at which Malaysia’s judiciary lost its independence to the executive branch of the government.

That's how it is still today, the ugly 'architecture' set in 1988 and continues to be exploited by today's incumbent of the government's executive, where even though Tan Sri Richard Malanjum is a 'bumiputera', he can't compete for the Chief Justice position with an already overage-for-his-job 'Malay' who has less career seniority to him.

thanks to mahathir 

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Malaysian is Australia's MasterChef 2017

Congratulations to (Melbourne based) Diana Chan of Johor for winning the Australian MasterChef 2017 competition

From the Sydney Morning Herald (extracts):

... the final challenge was the one that almost broke her. For six gruelling hours, Chan and Ungermann had to recreate a dessert by world champion chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs.

The dish was a series of faux fruits that, when cut open, oozed apple sauce and salted caramel. Chan had trouble assembling the complex elements, and broke her pear's stem with just seconds left on the clock.

"Doing that cook was the most stressful situation I've ever been in in my life," she said. "By the end, it was just all waterworks."

Chan said after seven months in front of the cameras, she's now knuckling down to make sure her dream of opening a restaurant becomes a reality. She said fans could expect to purchase fast, "wholesome meals" that embrace fusion flavours.

"I definitely want to have Malaysian influences," she said. "But balanced, wholesome and delicious – that's my criteria."

(left) Diana Chan, (centre) Sarah Tiong, Malaysia's other strong competitor

Die from rabies or be eaten alive by dogs

From RT 20 Aug, 2016 (selected extracts):

A pack of 50 canines killed and partly ate a 65-year-old women in a gruesome attack in a village in southern India. The woman was mauled as she tried to use a beach toilet.

strays poisoned in India 

The incident happened on Friday night in the coastal village of Pulluvila in India’s southern state of Kerala, NDTV reports.

At around 21:00 local time, a woman identified by authorities as Sheeluamma, 65, went to the nearby beach to use a lavatory, since she did not have any at home. A pack of some 50 stray dogs surrounded and attacked the victim. While hearing his mother screaming, the woman’s son tried to rescue her from the canines.

The man was then also attacked by stray dogs but “escaped unhurt by jumping into the sea”, according to the Times of India.

More locals then rushed to the scene, helping to scare away the dogs and bringing the woman to the Medical College hospital. Officials say she died there due to her severe injuries.

Following the assault, residents vented their anger at authorities for failing to tackle the problem with repeated stray dog attacks. [...]

The authorities in Kerala recently appointed a special commission, which came to a staggering conclusion that around 100,000 people had been attacked by stray dogs since early 2015, the Times of India reports.

According to the outlet, the animals are even not shying away from going into crowded places. In July a canine entered a school campus in Kerala state, attacking children who were playing outside, two of whom were injured.

“Hearing their cry for help, teachers came out and drove the dog away. Both kids were rushed to the General Hospital,” local media reported.

The problem of stray dog attacks is also a major challenge for authorities in the neighboring Pakistan, where thousands of attacks on people are reported each year.

strays poisoned in Karachi 

Officials in the country’s largest city of Karachi recently poisoned some 700 stray dogs in an attempt to try and curb the problem.

However this did not sit well with the locals who slammed the move, venting their feelings on social media.

There are also do-gooder Dog Lovers in Karachi who voiced their anger at the authorities poisoning 700 strays.

This was remarkable considering Pakistan was and still is an Islamic Nation (like Malaysia is as declared by then-PM Mahathir in 2002 - see Lim Kit Siang's 929 & 617 Declarations).

Anyway India (in Kerala) also used the same technique of culling, by poisoning, and likewise in Australia but only in the wilderness in Oz where feral dogs have become a threat to humans and other endangered wildlife.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia we have read of the 5th victim killed from rabies infection.

This is ridiculous when 5 Malaysian citizens could still die from rabies in 21st Century Malaysia.

I urge the health authorities to stop pussyfooting around and cull all strays, effective now. It's dangerous to public safety and health (you can either die from rabies or be eaten).

Violent or argumentative Dog-loving protesters will be required to adopt a Rabies-infected stray to take home if they (the Dog Lovers) become public nuisance.

Ahmad Zahid tok-kok

Sometimes I could not help but laugh at Ahmad Zahid's hilarious kok-tok, wakakaka.

Do you recall in 1998, two decades ago, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was UMNO Youth Chief and the ally of (then DPM) Anwar Ibrahim.

He (Ahmad Zahid) was touted as Anwar's vanguard to oust Dr Mahathir from the PM position well ahead of schedule (ie. Mahathir's planned and then-abandoned plan to retire, as is happening now, wakakaka).

The tactic then was to voice allegations of Mahathir’s cronyism and nepotism. On June 1998, The New York Times ( NYT ) reported in its World Business page:

In what was seen as a jab at Mr Mahathir’s 17-year leadership, the head of Umno’s youth wing, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had called for an end to cronyism and nepotism during a speech to delegates.

“Why were big loans to big businessmen approved so easily when small guys had to wait so long to get a loan of RM50,000?” (US$12,500) Mr Ahmad Zahid asked.

The NYT also reported that the PM (Mahathir then) responded to Zahid’s allegation the next day by posting hundreds of names of people who have won government projects in recent years, a list which included his accuser, Zahid.

Though Mahathir failed to answer Ahmad Zahid's accusation, his Blitzkrieg-style counter-attack was sufficient to silent the young upstart.

Subsequently, Zahid’s superior survival skills [wakakaka] had him confessing that Anwar was the person who instructed him to attack Dr Mahathir with allegations of cronyism and nepotism.

'twas anwar, not innocent me

The New Straits Times (June 19, 1999) informed us that Zahid finished his confessional by apologising to the then PM, and with a flamboyant flourish, acknowledged Dr Mahathir’s rebuke of him as a father-to-son advice.

Father to son advice. Wakakaka.

Though many at that time wondered whether Mahathir was repulsed, revolted and repelled by Zahid’s smarmy volte-face (considering he was Anwar’s vanguard in that intra-party power manoeuvre) or was instead somewhat mollified by Zahid's bodek-speak, as Mahathir was known to appreciate 'due repentance', wakakaka, by UMNO blokes who attempted to rebel against him.

That was when Ahmad Zahid first amused me by his kok-tok, wakakaka.

The second time was ten years later, around December 2010.

Then I posted Patriotism - a useful UMNO word in which I wrote:

Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough'.

DAP’s Kulasegaran was the man who called Zahid a 'patriot coward', wakakaka, when he scooted out of the Dewan Rakyat to evade opposition questions on his nonsensical 'non-Malays lack spirit of patriotism' controversy.

But following that, Zahid made some half-hearted back-down, trying to spin his way out of his self created bigoted mess in much the same way as he had spun his way back into mainstream UMNO after deserting the Anwar Ibrahim camp in 1998, wakakaka.

Clever bloke and a potential general in the art of tactical redeployment wakakaka.

When Ahmad Zahid was back again in Parliament then, Kulasegaran latched on to him and fired several barrage of HE (high explosive) artillery shells, passing a motion to deduct a symbolic but very indicting RM10 from Zahid’s pay.

The thought of such a symbolic parliamentary censure forced Zahid to come out in girlish defence of his credentials.

ahmad zahidi? wakakaka 

Why ‘girlish’? I’ll come to that shortly.

In a shameless 180 degrees direction about-turn which Ahmad Zahid has been notoriously renowned for, wakakaka, he praised the contribution of non-Malays in the armed forces during the emergency period and the Indonesian confrontation (tho' he failed to mention their contributions on overseas missions like in the Congo) who had “given their limbs and lives for this beloved country”. Zahid then claimed the following as proof that he wasn’t racist:

"I have many Indian and Chinese friends and voters in my area who are non-Malays. Did you ever have friend in university who are not of your race?

"I used to share a room in the dorm with an Indian, in my final year in University Malaya. I shared a room with an Indian."

The roar of wakakaka’s from the opposition bench shook the foundations of the already unstable Parliament building. Kula sneeringly commented: "What does that have to do with anything? That does not explain the statement you made as a minister."

I too was overwhelmed by a humongous bout of heavy wakakaka-ing at Zahid’s fallback on such a girlish meaningless reply.

So that he slept with an Indian was proof he was not a racist? Wakakaka again.

Now read the MM Online Zahid: BN expects defeat in urban seats (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 — Barisan Nasional (BN) has given up on several urban seats, including the Bukit Bintang and Seputeh constituencies in Kuala Lumpur which are DAP strongholds, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today.

The party vice president said even if Umno placed its secretary general, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, against Seputeh incumbent Teresa Kok, the latter would still win the seat.


Please note those high-lighted phrases, to wit:

(i) ... even if Umno placed its sec-gen Ku Nan ... against sweetie Teresa Kok,

(ii) ... Teresa would still win ... 

Ahmad Zahid has not failed us with his usual kok-tok, which has been about Ku Nan's chances in a contest with Teresa Kok in the federal constituency of Seputeh.

Ya, like Ku Nan has a snow flake's chance in Hell.

Even if Najib, Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Wan Azizah, Lim Guan Eng, Nurul Izzah were each to stand against Teresa in Seputeh, they will be lucky not to have their deposit confiscated, wakakaka.

Once in an earlier post I wrote that I pitied those MCA kamikaze candidates sent to stand in Bukit Bintang during Lee Lam Thye's days.

Then, Lee was virtually a demigod in the eyes of his constituency and woe betide any political challenger for his seat.

My uncle told me in each general election he actually felt sorry for those MCA pollies who were ‘nominated’ by MCA leaders to stand against Lee. They were probably unpopular members, good only as cannon fodders wakakaka.

Maybe the following poem by kamikaze pilot, the late Matomi Ugaki, should be dedicated to those foolish or 'pushed forward' to stand against Lee Lam Thye:

Flowers of the special attack are falling
When the spring is leaving.
Gone with the spring
Are young boys like cherry blossoms.
Gone are the blossoms,
Leaving cherry trees only with leaves.

MCA cherry blossoms? Totally crushed by Lee Lam Thye! Wakakaka!

But the same could be said for those who stood against or want to stand against Sweetie Sassy Teresa in Seputeh.

Malaysia's political Amazon

won't you vote for her? 

In 2008 she won the constituency with 81.38% of the total votes cast, and in 2013 she increased that to 85.95%. No one in Malaysia has ever won a constituency with such overwhelming majority.

And Ahmad Zahid has the unrealistic audacity to say silly words like:

... even if Umno placed its sec-gen Ku Nan ... against sweetie Teresa Kok, ... Teresa would still win ... 

as if Ku Nan was UMNO's best, who as we all know, could only survive in Putrajaya constituency of 17,000 total votes.

If UMNO were foolish enough to place him in Seputeh against the Sassy Sweetie, I have no doubt Ku Nan will only emerge without both his deposit and his underwear, and his nuts totally crushed. And I'm only partially blaming sweetie Teresa for that inevitable eventuality, wakakaka.

remnants of Ku Nan, wakakaka 

Get fucking real Ahmad Zahid, though don't stop tok-ing kok as you can continue to amuse us.


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The necessary destruction of DAP

MM Online - Minister: BN to prepare manifesto specifically for Penang (extracts):

BUKIT MERTAJAM, July 23 — Barisan Nasional (BN) will draw up a manifesto specifically for Penang, to give people in the state the opportunity to choose between the two opposing coalitions, BN and Pakatan Harapan, in the coming 14th general election.

Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak said Penang BN would outline several policies and programmes to be implemented if BN is given the mandate to govern the state.

“DAP has ruled Penang for nine years, with 51 promises made to the people and they have been given the opportunity to evaluate this. Surely, the people could study and see whether the state government has fulfilled these promises or not.

“The people should be able to choose. We want to practise healthy politics. We are offering a promise to the people of Penang and let them choose. They will be able to see the weaknesses. We want to compete in a healthy manner, with the people determining the outcome.”

Well, BN (including its predecessor Perikatan or in Penang Hokkien, P'ang Choon - kapal layar) ruled Penang for 51 years (1957 - 2008) during which we saw Penang became a sleepy hollow, lost its free port status, Georgetown lost its city status, and its development fell far far behind Selangor.

(left) Perikatan, (right) BN 

We also saw our hope of 1969, the Gerakan Party, become a 'useless' party under its 3rd Gerakan CM in its claim to represent us, the rakyat of Penang.

Gerakan's abysmal incompetence was clearly and shamefully obvious in the case of the 2006 illegal demolition of a Taoist temple (Tou Mu Kong) in Bukit Mertajam where the police acted like gungho cowboys, threatened the temple authorities and their representative, and started shooting, while the BN CM dared not even speak out against the illegalities.

The arrogance of UMNO-ites was grossly despicable and intolerant in destroying that Taoist Temple against a 'stay' order by the Penang state 'exco' and exacerbated by the FACT that the temple was standing on its OWN land.

See my 2006 posts to know why the demolition of the temple was conducted illegally by the Deputy CM at that time, abetted by the feral and intolerant Islamist Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) and local PDRM:

For those intolerant MPSP staff and police, their arrogant, feral intolerance was a case of:

"Rumah besar tak berani, Rumah tokong tak peduli".

Thus, no matter how bad the Pakatan state government (as led by the DAP since 2008) might have been or is, it will never be as rotten as the previous BN government.

The BN or rather UMNO-led government has been damn shivering shit scared of the DAP for quite a while, with its covert cunning campaign focused on destroying the Rocket Party.

We have witnessed the RoS nasty insidious tactics against the DAP Party through an exaggerated disapproval of its CEC election in both 2012 and 2013.

While there could be justification for criticism of the 2012 CEC election, why should the disapproval of the 2013 elections be only raised in 2017, right on the virtual 'eve' of GE-14.

Why is the DG of RoS now cold shouldering a legitimate request from the DAP to see him, after having delayed an official letter for more than a week, which was only issued after the Deputy Home Minister ordered him to do so?

RoS in partnership with the EC are trying to sabotage the DAP's ability to stand in GE-14 as a legitimate political party which can use its own banner/logo.

Why has the so-called 'bungalow' corruption case against Lim Guan Eng been delayed for years? Will that UMNO-rised  'Sword of Damocles' hanging above Guan Eng's head be only brought into fruition on the eve of GE-014?

Why is the nonsensical sexual harassment accusation brought against the (then) teenage son of Lim Guan Eng still an open police file?

The above so-called sexual harassment accusation had long being dismissed by the so-called victim, a British chess master, Ms Anya Sun Corke.

On 21 Oct 2011, Malaysia-Today published Anya Corke: I Don’t Know Guan Eng’s Son (relevant extracts):

Anya Sun Corker 

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 — The girl whose photograph was used by pro-Umno bloggers to level accusations of sexual harassment against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s son has denied ever meeting or hearing of the 16-year-old schoolboy.

Chess grandmaster Anya Sun Corke said today that she was “shocked, dismayed and baffled” as to how her photo was used without her knowledge or consent.

“I have never met or even heard of any of the people involved. I have never been physically assaulted in any way. I have never been victimised in any way by this boy or his family.

“The only way in which my ‘modesty was outraged’ has been by the publication of my picture in connection with these scurrilous and unfounded rumours,” the undergraduate at Wellesley College said in a statement.

Pro-Umno bloggers had claimed that Lim’s son had assaulted a 16-year-old schoolmate and tried to escape punishment by using his father’s name.

It seems UMNO sees the destruction of the DAP as necessary for the destruction of Pakatan Harapan.

MCA and Gerakan have but no choice but to attempt their best to destroy the DAP. Failing to win against DAP in GE-14 will spell their own doom.

With apologies to the late Cato the Elder, allow me to paraphrase his immortalised declaration against Rome's greatest enemy, Carthage:

'Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem DAP esse delendam' 

(“Furthermore, I consider that Carthage DAP must be destroyed”)