Monday, June 26, 2017

Mufti's racist wicked words on Hari Raya

From the MM Online (extracts):

Harussani claimed that Malay-Muslims in Malaysia were divided because of politics, saying that although other races were in various political parties, but they were headed in one direction compared to the Malays who had different parties and different struggles.

Has it been in the good gracious muhibbah spirit of a Muslim on Hari Raya for Harussani to be saying such wicked racist political polemics?

By the by, was Harussani referring to the Chinese heading in one direction as those in DAP and BN, who have been perpetually at each others' throats?

What a f**king liar Harussani is when he isn't blaming a woman like Raja Sherina as he did in 2006 in Perak.

He had then blamed her for his own recklessly fabricated and seditious SMS wildfire to Muslims into believing a Malaysian church in Perak had the temerity to mass-convert hundreds of Muslims.

Yes, apart from his seditious act, the Monstrous Mafulat-ish Mufti blamed a lady as the culprit who had told him about the bullshit mass baptism – see Perak Mufti blamed woman; SIS condemns him!.

But Sisters-in-Islam (SIS) slammed the Mumbling M#%@F*^$ Mufti for spreading wild malicious rumours which could have resulted in an ugly religious racial riot.

SIS criticised him for failing to “learn from past experiences the danger of disseminating unverified information especially regarding contentious issues such as apostasy”.

SIS programme manager then, Norhayati Kaprawi said: “This is not the first time the mufti has made careless statements and allegations.”

She cited a number of previous statements made by the mufti, including in February (of 2006) where that M#%@F*^$ claimed that between 100,000 and 250,000 Muslims had renounced Islam.

She added: “To date, he has not been able to substantiate these claims, except to merely state that these were obtained from ‘reliable sources’.”

In other words, he lied through his nose.

Now, regarding His Humbug-ness' assertion about Chinese heading in the same direction, even within BN the MCA and Gerakan are at loggerheads with each other as they have been since 1972.

Then (in 1972) PM Razak arm-twisted Gerakan (by then foolishly in the BN) to hand back (surrender) to the MCA several Penang and Perak seats it had won in the first place from the MCA in 1969, a renowned UMNO strategy to 'divide & conquer' the dumbo Chinese in BN, wakakaka.

Too strong a Gerakan with an independent-minded Lim Chong Eu, whoa, no can do; too dead a MCA, also no can do.

Again, what a f**king bullsh*tter Harussani has been when he isn't bonking on the back of a camel.

Harussani is now once again a scare-mongerer, mighty fibber but most of all a racist as he hates Chinese, a hatred he confessed to Malay students studying overseas when he visited them.

Continuing with His Humbug-ness' bull: “I tell you honestly today that even though we have political power in our hands, but we are under threat because we are forced to entertain claims from other races."

“In the coming general election, I fear that this division will be a huge curse to the Malays.”

Yalah, the Malays are under threat which has been why they rule the nation with almost 100% Malays in the Armed Forces, Police, Civil Service and universities and which has been why there is even a Mufti of Perak.

Then Harussani launched into his version of domestic history, saying that disunity among the Malays had caused the colonisation of the Malays, saying:

“When we were colonised, we were insulted, we became weak, our economy was suppressed and other races were brought in when they were supposed to have returned to their countries upon Merdeka. But because we were weak, we accepted them and shared our land, named Tanah Melayu, even though these races were already advanced in terms of their economy, causing us to fall even further back.”

His twisted rendition of a post Merdeka Malaya, with the 'nons' repatriated to China and India, reminds me of a similarly twisted version by Mahathir who was against citizenship for non-Malays even though the 'nons' worked together with UMNO to convince the British colonial power to relinquish rule to the locals, and who have lived here in this land for generations and who had fought the communists together with the Malays, and good lord, were even awarded gallantry medals by HM the Agong such as Seri Perkasa Gagah Pahlawan (SP), Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB), etc.

You wonder at such a mufti saying wild wicked words on Hari Raya.

Switch off severe vibrating washing machine

MM Online - AirAsia plane ‘shaking like washing machine’ returns to Australia (extracts):

SYDNEY, June 25 — An AirAsia flight to Malaysia was forced back to Australia today due to a technical problem, with one passenger saying the plane was “shaking like a washing machine”.

The Airbus A330 from Perth to Kuala Lumpur experienced problems about 90 minutes into the journey.


The West Australian newspaper cited passengers on today’s flight as saying they heard a bang and then the plane started shuddering.

“You could tell by the cabin crew’s reaction that it was really bad,” said Sophie Nicolas, who said she heard a small explosion from the left wing. “It was terrifying.”

Another passenger, Brenton Atkinson, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the whole plane started shaking, far more than standard turbulence.

“It was essentially the engine seized up I think, that’s what they told us anyway,” he said.

“It was literally like you were sitting on top of a washing machine. The whole thing was going. We could see the engine out the window which was really shaking on the wing.

“Once we landed we realised one of the blades had actually come off the turbine.”

So many collaborative evidence, eg. "bang and then the plane started shudderingsee the engine out the window which was really shaking on the wingshaking like a washing machine", though experienced and seen by non-technical passengers, should not be discounted. All that clearly pointed indeed to a malfunctioning engine.

When an engine misbehaved due to an imbalanced fan, operating turbine in jets or in the case of propeller engine, the propeller, the solution usually is to shut down that engine, mainly to stop the continued spin or rotation of the fan so that its imbalanced part or parts would/could cease its vibrations.

That shutdown should normally stop the vibrations.

Did the pilot fail to do that, or was reluctant to do that as he feared shutting down one of only two engines while an hour away from land, or that the vibrating engine was still providing power, or ........?

Severe vibrations of aeroplane engine in flight were far far more serious than one engine being inoperative as it could possibly have torn off or perilously weakened the wing, whilst the aircraft on just one out of two engines operating could have gone on quite safely for several thousands more kilometres.

The pilot in allowing the continued vibrations of the defective engine while and especially in flight, instead of shutting that engine down, has posed several safety questions on his skills and understanding of engine handling.

AirAsia needs to examine this and re-assess its training for pilots.

My line of thinking is of course void if there were other factors, other than a malfunctioning engine, contributing to the severe vibrations that were beyond the control of the pilot.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

House built on sand?

One of my fave columnists, Zan Azlee, penned a most interesting, relevant and important article in Malaysiakini titled The opposition must tell us who we’re voting for.

I have long liked reading Zan's articles for his humour, tongue-in-cheek jabs at appropriate people a la Dean Johns, another of my fave columnists at Malaysiakini, but most of all, for Zan's love of being foremost a Malaysian.

Zan wrote: One of the most important things that a political party needs to do when a general election is looming is to make it known to the voters of their manifesto, intentions, promises and plans for when they take office, if they were to win, of course.

In order to do all that, they would need to have clear leadership. As of today, Pakatan Harapan has failed to do that by being unable to decide on who would be their choice for prime minister should they win.

Opposition Leader Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yesterday stated that they will concentrate on winning the elections first before deciding on their prime ministerial candidate. She said the decision will be made based on who has the most support from those elected.

In my opinion, this is just nonsense. Wouldn’t it make more sense to decide now so that the voters will know what they will be getting themselves into when they vote? We need to know who and what we are voting for, don’t we?

you may be voting for me, wakakaka ... I mean, Alhamdulillah 

To emphasize what Zan means, there is an old English saying which may give offence to my Muslim friends, especially when they are about to celebrate their completion of a month-long disciplined empathetic fasting.

By the by, I hope you know the meaning of 'empathetic' (as totally different from 'emphatic' from the word 'emphasize' seen in the immediate above paragraph), which to help if you don't, has been defined by the dictionary as 'showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another'.

I've cut and now paste an extract from an Islamic website about empathetic fasting for your perusal:

Empathizing With Less Fortunate Ones:

During fast a Muslim neither eats nor drinks during the whole day for the whole month. This being deprived from food and water is perhaps the story of every other day of the people who are unfortunate and don’t have access to even the basic necessities of life such as food for eating and clean water for drinking.

Thus, when a Muslim bears such kind of condition, he or she actually empathizes with what the less unfortunate go through every day and they then get to feel that how do such people live their life.

This empathizing then leads to softening of their hearts and makes them more sensible as well as charitable when it comes to the less fortunate ones and their sufferings.

Thus, i.a.w. above, going to a 5-start hotel in KL to go berserk during breaking fast in the evening (ifthar), wakakaka, is definitely a no no.

Anyway, back to my English saying but please examine it metaphorically (not literally) as it's after all an English saying, namely: 'Don't buy a pig in a poke'.

According to one explanation, the idiom 'Don't buy a pig in a poke' refers to a confidence trick during the Late Middle Ages, when meat (pork, beef, chicken, mutton, duck, goose) was scarce, but cats and dogs were not.

The word poke comes from the French word poque which means a bag or a sack. Thus if one (in the Late Middle Ages) bought a pig in a poke, that was, without checking what's really inside the bag, he might find on reaching home that the pig in the sack was a cat, wakakaka.

Then Zan continued: In the past few weeks, all we have seen from Pakatan Harapan is that they are at odds as to who will lead them. Chairperson of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad has stated that he is willing to be prime minister if needed. But that won’t fall favourably with many.

Oh! Siapa pengkhianat bangsa Melayu? 

With a new opposition coalition in the process of being formed, jailed de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been the opposition’s candidate for prime minister all this while, has decided to withdraw himself as a candidate.

It may be obvious to many that with the new coalition, the main senior candidates for the post of prime minister are old and tired faces - Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin, and yes, Anwar. Do you readers see the actual irony of the situation? Oh yes, there’s Wan Azizah too.

Anwar’s move in withdrawing from being considered for the post can actually be seen as a way to indicate to the other individuals to withdraw as well. Bersatu president Muhyiddin has announced his withdrawal.

Only 91-year-old Mahathir is still holding strong. In fact, he has even reinforced his stand that he can be prime minister. However, he did say that the decision has to be a unanimous one if he were to be selected for the post.

But even if this line of old leaders decide to make way for young blood, are there any that would have the potential to take on that important post? Can any of you readers name an individual in the next layer of leadership in the opposition that would be suitable? I can’t.



Basically, Pakatan Harapan has just been unable to show the people that they are on top of the situation. In fact, they have even postponed their registration as an official coalition with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) because they can’t come to a decision for their office bearers.

It is unfair to voters when political parties aren’t able to provide a clear alternative for them to vote on. It would mean that they are actually taking the voting power out of the voters’ hands. Why vote in the first place if all the decisions will be made by other people?

you will be voiceless 

But sadly, many have come to realize, though they won't admit to the existing reality, that a coalition founded on different ideological principles but mere opportunism to remove Najib would be a House built on sand. Because after Najib, what then?

On top of that, Pribumi insists on dominating the coalition with its leaders with the ulterior motive of convincing the Malay Heartland it will look after them. Not only is its party name per se a mocking sneering ketuanan insult to the non-Malays but its game plan is based on Mahathir's favourite gambit, that of 'divide & conquer' racism.

The original Pakatan Rakyat was a whole lot better, stronger and more stable because it had two strong men then, Anwar Ibrahim and Pak Haji Nik Aziz, who were able to keep the coalition reasonably cohesive by their moderate and compromising approaches.

Apart from Anwar being behind bars, there is one additional reason why the new Pakatan Harapan can't find a fresh and capable new leader to head it, namely, that it has for political correctness eliminate 35% of available leaders, those of Chinese, Indian and Eurasian ancestry [based on Malaysia's ethnic ratio of approximately Malays 50%: Natives 15%: Chinese 25%: Indians 10%].

Whether politicians like Ramkarpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Dr Ramasamy, etc will be good leader of PH or not is a separate question but they are all automatically 'disqualified' or in crude Malaysian Manglish 'dis-kulit-fied'.

kt, don't forget me

okay sweetie, wakakaka

But if you name a young woman like Nurul Izzah, then notwithstanding she is a female in a Muslim environment, she will be almost or even completely acceptable, and definitely far more acceptable or 'kulit-fied' than Ramkarpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Dr Ramasamy.

Place the far more experienced and capable Teresa Kok against Nurul, and Teresa will find she can only continue to talk about her fave steamed salted eggs with mince meat to her constituency of Seputeh, while Nurul will be a possible PM-designate.

'Tis still a House built on sand, architecture-d on 'divide & conquer' racism for more than 22 years.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Glass houses (2)

The following Malaysiakini headline is funny. It reads:

Hadi now greater defender of 1MDB scandal than Umno - Kit Siang.

Kit Siang has been right of course, but I consider it 'funny' because I wonder what Kit Siang will say if tomorrow the Malaysiakini headline reads:

Kit Siang now greater defender of FOREX scandal than Mahathir's Umno - Hadi Awang.


Related: Glass Houses.

Hadi Awang: 'Tell that to the Saudis'

MM Online - Hadi: Islam rejects ‘foreign intervention’ to solve internal problems (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has urged all quarters to reject foreign powers from meddling in the nation’s affairs, as it is forbidden by Islam.

“The Quran forbids Muslims from trusting other quarters in solving their internal problems.

“Whether right or wrong, a problem must be resolved internally with patience.”

Pro UMNO Pak Hadi was probably criticising the US Department of Justice for announcing its latest civil filing that sought to seize RM2.31 billion in assets obtained by funds allegedly stolen from 1MDB.

1MDB responded saying that the allegations were not backed with proof.

With respect to Pak Hadi's advice, there is an old British saying, to wit, 'Tell that to the marines'. It means 'what a shitload of crap'.

The saying was first used by author John Davis in 1804, with that sentence coming from his book 'The Post Captain', namely, "You may tell that to the marines ... may I be d----d if the sailors will believe it."


Well I like to update it to modern times and ask Pak Hadi to 'Tell that to the Saudis', his Sunni mateys, who are now meddling with a foreign country's affairs, namely those of Qatar.

The Saudis is attempting to blackmail the Gulf peninsula-state into closing down al Jazeera, wakakaka.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lim Kit Siang ain't no Simon Weisenthal

From Wikipedia (selected extracts):

Simon Wiesenthal (31 December 1908 – 20 September 2005) was a Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, and writer.

He ... was living in Lwów at the outbreak of World War II. He survived the Janowska concentration camp (late 1941 to September 1944), the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp (September to October 1944), the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, a death march to Chemnitz, Buchenwald, and the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (February to 5 May 1945).

After the war, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazi war criminals so that they could be brought to trial.

In 1947 he co-founded the Jewish Historical Documentation Centre in Linz, Austria, where he and others gathered information for future war crime trials and aided refugees in their search for lost relatives.


He played a small role in locating Adolf Eichmann, who was captured in Buenos Aires in 1960, and worked closely with the Austrian justice ministry to prepare a dossier on Franz Stangl, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1971. [...]

Adolf Eichmann 

Wiesenthal spent time at his office at the Documentation Centre of the Association of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Regime in Vienna even as he approached his ninetieth birthday. 

The last Nazi he had a hand in bringing to trial was Untersturmführer Julius Viel, who was convicted in 2001 of shooting seven Jewish prisoners. [...] 

Wiesenthal retired (c.2004), saying "I have survived them all. If there were any left, they'd be too old and weak to stand trial today. My work is done".

For close to 60 years he hunted Nazi war criminals.

The Forex debacle under Mahathir's government is only 20 years old, where close to 100 billion ringgit at today's value was said to be lost. 

I wonder whether that would be in addition to the RM100 Billion that Barry Wain wrote of Mahathir wasting and losing in his 22-year reign as PM. Think Maminco, Forex, Perwaja, etc etc etc.

Many criticised his cabinet at that time of the Forex debacle for not saying anything.

But as we know, who dared to question Mahathir in his actions, unless he was prepared to leave the cabinet or even UMNO, as had Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim (expelled for corruption, then jailed for sodomy) and AAB (releasing Anwar from jail, crooked bridge affair)?

Oh, isn't it interesting to note that Malaysiakini reported:

After more than two decades, DAP veteran lawmaker Lim Kit Siang has finally got his wish - a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Bank Negara's foreign exchanges losses in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, Lim is not thrilled.

I wonder why, when Lim KS had even written a book on the Forex Naughtiness and criticised Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister for evasive answers in Parliament?

Wakakaka. What a shameful act of putar-belit-ism!

Time for Lim KS to retire.

Oh, BTW, Lim Kit Siang in his heydays (when I idolised him, wakakaka) wrote the following books:

  1. Malaysia in the Dangerous 80s (1982)
  2. Constitutional Crisis in Malaysia (1983)
  3. The BMF Scandal (1984)
  4. Human rights In Malaysia (1985)
  5. BMF – The Scandal Of Scandals (1986)
  6. The North-South Highway Scandal (1987)
  7. Prelude To Operation Lalang (1990)
  8. The Dirtiest General Elections In The History of Malaysia (1991)
  9. The Bank Negara RM30 Billion Forex Losses Scandal (1994)
  10. Pendedahan Skandal Kewangan – Siapa Petualang FELCRA? (1994)
  11. Land Acquisition Act – Abuses, Injustices, Reform (1994)
  12. Economic & Financial Crisis (1998)
  13. Political & Economic Crisis in Malaysia(1998)
  14. The Budget That Was Never Passed (1999)
  15. Constitutional Case of the Millennium (2000)
  16. BA & Islamic State (2001)
  17. No To 929 (2002)

In case you don't know No 17, please read Lim's rave and rant against Mahathir in the 929 & 617 Declarations where Lim also said:

... the DAP CEC would consider proposal to take Mahathir to court for his “929 Declaration” and his “617 Announcement” that Malaysia is an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Younger people today have unfairly criticised one of DAP's greatest stalwarts, Lee Lam Thye, for retiring from partisan politics and then taking up roles in government and NGO appointed posts without realising the monumental contribution by Lee, and what he had done for the rakyat. Those critics should shut their rotten gaps and grow more pubic hair.

Lee's post-political jobs are not unlike a Gerakan senior politician in Penang being appointed by the DAP-led Pakatan government in 2008 to handle the government's businesses, because he was/is most qualified, yet I haven't heard anyone from the Pakatan side condemning that former Gerakan politician.

Haven't Lim Kit Siang become relatively far worse (and justified in his case) than Lee Lam Thye?


Jangan mempunyai double-standard lah, you pack of mongrels.

Wakakaka again.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Will Chinese vote for an anti-Chinese?

In a way it's good that Pakatan Harapan (PH) is still unable to name a person as its preferred PM.

f**k him 

It means the component parties are of or near-equal strength in the leadership power-struggle, a leadership power struggle that have been strongly affected by (i) bad history among them, (ii) distrust, (iii) suspicion about future intents, (iv) personalities a la 2 tigers can't live on one mountain, and (v) motivation.

Though the DAP is still the biggest component party in terms of numbers of MPs and ADUNs, and will probably still be after GE-14, we need to leave it out of the power struggle as it is in a very weak position to offer a PM-designate because its leading experienced personalities are mainly non-Malays.

This brings us to the cruel reality that Malaysian politics had been, has been, is and will be about race, namely, the Ketuanan status of Malays.

Only a Malay can be PM of Malaysia for at least the next 100 years.

And that's why Mahathir has named his party as Pribumi, offensive as it might have sound and probably insulted the non-Malays, as he wants to (a) assure the Malay Heartland of his bona fides to lead them, and (b) to keep the party 'pure' and uncontaminated.

Whatever, the DAP as represented by Lim Kit Siang (though I have doubts about his role as the '100% accepted' representative of the DAP) has already sold its political soul to backing Mahathir, so we can ignore its preference which is a given that it (or rather, Lim Kit Siang himself) will be pro Mahathir.

Last chance for the
 Septuagenarian after half a century of diligent work but finishing off poorly with 3 lamentable last years.

Now, what stands between Mahathir and the PH top position are, no, not the DAP as you would have once expected, but (a) a segment of PKR and (b) the Malaysian voters.

The Chinese voters must remember 1969 when Mahathir told them to f**k off with their votes as he needn't need Cinakui's support.

The Chinese voters must remember the 1950's when he opposed Tunku's agreement to offer Malayan citizenships to the Chinese and Indians.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

93 by GE-14?

FMT - PKR Youth tells Mahathir not to stand in GE14 (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: PKR Youth wants former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to assure everyone that he will not contest in the next general election or offer himself as prime minister-designate.

PKR deputy youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood”.

Dr Afif said PKR Youth had the highest respect for Dr Mahathir for joining the opposition pact, but felt it was better for the “next generation” to take over Putrajaya.

He said PKR Youth respected its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for staying out of contention for the post of prime minister if Pakatan Harapan (PH) were to win the 14th general election, but expressed sadness nevertheless.

His statements come in the wake of talk that Dr Mahathir would become interim PM if the opposition were to win in GE14, as its original PM-designate Anwar is currently in jail.

In Dr Afif Bahardin saying PKR wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood” and for the next generation to take over the reins of Putrajaya, he was reminding everyone that Mahathir is not only 92 years old, but also a former PM who:

  • trashed the Constitution,
  • emasculated the Senate and Judiciary
  • controlled the EC & BTN, and 

... wasted billions, yes billions and not mere millions of ringgit, in:

  • Forex trading as if Malaysia was a casino player,
  • Maminco as if he could outwit the Poms,
  • Perwaja in his unrealistic dream of having heavy industries under his reign,
  • Bakun Dam,
  • Proton car, his pet toy.

not true, I support BR1Malaysia though I may restrict it to pribumi's only 

He even 'persuaded' Petronas to build (at that time) the world's tallest building because he liked/likes silly records of 'biggest, tallest, longest, thickest, etc etc etc - money no problem when there's Bank Negara and Petronas.

What an expensive way for Malaysians to see him as a former PM indulged in his likes and dislikes. As for dislikes there was Memali, Ops Lalang, Sabah election 1994 and various allegations of Ops Blue IC.

But we read in Malaysiakini that Dr M: It will be churlish not to accept PM post if... (wakakaka):

In an interview with Channel News Asia, the man who believe the delusion he is Emperor of Malaysia said:  "If, in the end, nobody comes forward, nobody agrees to any candidate and they point out to me, it'll be churlish of me, just because I want to retire and rest and all that, not to respond to them.

"If there are no more candidates and if all the parties in the coalition agree I should be a part-time, interim prime minister, I'll come back," he said.

Mahathir, however, admitted that he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

Ya right, of course you can bet your bottom ringgit he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

And hadn't he already informed us that under a Pribumi government, the PM will have to report all new policies to the Chairperson of Pribumi (which coincidentally he is) for approval before those cabinet proposed policies can be announced and implemented.

By the by, 'churlish' is a very Pommie word, how impressive considering he was known for his 'Look East' policy, wakakaka.

Japanese proverb 蓼食う虫も好き好き
tade ku mushi mo suki zuki "There is no accounting for tastes".

But let's look at some possible seats for him.

When he was warring with AAB, Kubang Pasu played him out, so I wonder whether in GE-14, when UMNO is still under Najib, Kubang Pasu will screw him again?

Pagoh? But then Moody will have to look for a new seat which may be perilous for a future Minister of Oil & Petroleum, wakakaka.

Jerlun, Mukhriz old seat? I heard it's saturated with the Moonies.

Gelang Patah? Wakakaka. Hmmm, I could bring myself to support Mahathir replacing Lim Kit Siang.

Batu? Why not as Tian Chua will be barred from GE-14 unless his appeal against his RM3,000 fine for mouthing obscenities at the police will be successful.

didn't your mum tell you not to say bad words?

But Dr Afif Bahardin and the Youth section may rebelled against Azmin giving Batu away to his Uncle.

He could of course either contest in Pekan (wakakaka) or in Putrajaya (his creation), presumably against UMNO midget Tengku Adnan, wakakaka.