Thursday, April 05, 2012

Murderous And Corrupt Criminals

Teoh BH is my name
Victim to wicked evil
Giving me dubious fame
And my family, travail

Murdering me for gain
With arrogant impunity
But they'll suffer pain
For their corrupt iniquity

Sharp scissors in my hand
In red dress I await them
Those, AG's magic wand,
From murder's guilt exempt

Suffering from injustice
I seek divine retribution
Heaven must deny peace
To those guilty of my execution


  1. Murder most foul... yet the AG closed both eyes. Those in power shall pay for these crimes.

  2. It is just not TBH alone.

    Kugan and also all of the rest of the forgotten so called 'taken into custody for questioning but died of sudden death' , so many deaths forgotten and swept under the carpet.

    Thats UMNO for you !! Why UMNO? Because every single person from Inspector above is a Barisan Najis hardcore supporter. Thats how they ensure corruption is not investigated. UMNO promotes their own kind into positions of power.

    Dirty bastards!


  3. Remember Altantuya as well

  4. "Sharp scissors in my hand
    In red dress I await them"

    The night watchmen at the MACC building making the late night rounds now refused to do it alone. It seemed they heard footsteps and saw apparitions never heard or seen before the death of Teoh BH.

    And the officers who were involved in his death have all asked for transfer just to get away from the 'crime scene' after they themselves started to see and hear 'disturbing' stuff. Finally, a chinese 'bomoh' came to the premises to perform some sort of exorcism ceremony.

    But Teoh BH wasn't in a red dress when he started to haunt these killers. He was dressed exactly in the same attire he wore the day he was killed.

  5. Kaytee,the monster has been missing for quite awhile.Do you sincerely missed him?

  6. Monsterball is back...on good behaviour bond...

  7. Teoh Beng Hock killed himself after a night of rough interrogation.

    End of Story.

    Its only DAP and its supporters who are shamelessly trying to squeeze political points from a simple tragedy.

  8. Same thing lah.

    Najis Razak ordreed the killing of Altantuya.


    Go ahead lar, continue voting in Najis Razak and Barisan Najis.


  9. Teoh Beng Hock death due to suicide was the finding of the Royal Commissoin of Inquiry.

    Najib's alleged involvement with Altantuya has no facts to support it.

  10. Royal Commission of Inquiry?

    U mean "Bastardised by UMNO Royal Commission of Inquiry" ???

    Haha, yes, u believe such a commission? You must also be the type that believes whatever Utusan Malaysia writes and also believes what Najis Razak tells u right?

    Royal Commission my asshole.


  11. Sunwayopal,

    Are you ok dude?

    What a loser. Sigh~

  12. really ?

    the guy who reads Utusan and believes a Malaysian Royal Commission is not the loser ?

    get a life man.


  13. The night of death
    The quiet wind stopped
    Alone in the air
    Superman he wasn't!

    Death on the ground
    Who wanted to die?
    Tomorrow he was getting married
    And a child waiting for him

    The players played their games
    Playing with lives like barbarians
    They thought they could escape
    With law bending out for them!

    The retribution will come
    As all deaths go unexplained
    The evil hands will not wash away
    The light over darkness will return one day

  14. Sunwayopal,

    Come on. Seriously, are you ok?

  15. There is "Something Not Right" with everybody here...including the Blog Owner...

    :) :) :)

  16. You are now entering....The Twilight Zone....alias Ktemoc Konsiders..

  17. Goodness, Monsterball really is gone !
    Fresh Air, sunshine, thanks Ktemoc

  18. Remember, PAS never killed a Chinese.
    It is UMNO supported by their NCA dogs who are the ones killing the Chinese.

  19. Anon 3.38PM cannot differentiate gone and not interested to comment.
    Keep breathing fresh air..good for you.

  20. tak ada cerita lain lagi ke ??

    s! It was at the tip of my tongue, but she escaped a lashing

  21. Walk the talks at BERSIH 3 on 28th at 2PM.

  22. Pisangbanana said...


    Come on. Seriously, are you ok?

    3:05 PM, April 06, 2012

    of course i am, i dont read Utusan !

    and i dont believe the crap spewed by Najiz Razak. i am fine as can be.

    dude, u better do a check on yourself though.


  23. It has been established that TBH committed suicide. He was so scared that his boss is implicated in the scandal.
    Let's move on. What more do you want? The case have been brought to court and to the Commission of Inquiry. The Government has spent millions of ringgit for this man.
    The money can be better spend to help the poor.
    DAP wants to prolong this issue for political gains. You want the three innocent MACC officials to be victims of TBH own doing.
    I pity the family who has no closure and to come to terms with their grief as a result of oppositions interference.
    Please let TBH rests in peace and his family heal the loss in quiet dignity. They are a simple family but the DAP instigate them to be a pressure group.They are unwittingly pawns in the DAP game.

  24. Today's news :

    ... "Muhyiddin said the opposition was bent on getting rid of the ruling government through various means...."

    1) Isn't that the purpose of all political parties ?

    2) How about applying the statement to ongoing attempts at the ruling parties in Penang, Selangor, and the fait accompli Perak?

    Ruling parties are elected to hold the job for 5 years, they do not own the government.

  25. Re : Buttercup's comments at 10:56am Apr 7
    Technically you are right, butpeople look at the bigger picture than just RCI findings, such as why the different treatment compared to the amounts involved e.g.

    TBH : RM000,002,400 : mobilised a big task force to investigate
    NFC : RM240,000,000 : pass the buck to PDRM, only later investigate

    Peoples' perception would be hard to counter in the face of these facts.

  26. Buttercup said...
    It has been established that TBH committed suicide.

    established by who? By a "UMNO Royal Commission of Inquiry"

    I bet u if a Pakatan Govt is formed and a proper and fair Commisson is estbalised and give full powers, THE WHOLE of MACC will b found guilty.

    This is almost like a Syrian Kangaroo court that rule that all their killing of their citizens r ok because they r terrorists.

    U believe everything this frickin UMNO govt does ?


  27. Yup, everybody can see the difference in how MACC alias UMNO lackey pursued the case related to Teoh Beng Hock with extreme , and I mean extreme vigour and the Shahrizat Lembu case, where MACC alias UMNO lackey was obviously cracking its head to come up with excuses why they SHOULDN'T act on the case.

    Only those so blind, or UMNO Lackeys cannot see...

  28. Yup.

    Talk about dancing before you can even walk.

    I mean, there are actually IDIOTS in Malaysia who r more interested in ridding deadwood in PKR without even knowing the bigger devil is UMNO itself !

    UMNO is the VERY being we need to eradicate FIRST from power.

    Learn lah to walk before you want to dance !!!

    After we get rid of UMNO, then we start good and proper!

    Now, against UMNO, we have nothing!!


  29. Sunwayopal and Monsterbaby - both of you are brilliant in going straight to the heart of the matter with a minimum of words, clearly and without ambiguity. Your contributions to the discussion are invaluable. Do comment more often, don't go away.

  30. it becomes precedence for the MACC to carry out the interrogation, next time if the interrogatee refuse to cooperate, "we'll throw you down from the window and classify it as suicide. no worry, it happened before ..." good effective way to elicit information from them and solve 100% corruption case.

  31. if TBH boss is clean, he won't get spanked at the public.

  32. Kepada: Anon 5:24 PM, April 07

    Kau kata: if TBH boss is clean, he won't get spanked at the public.

    Tak faham lah what you mean. What are you trying to say? Your English is really horrible lah!

  33. The new "Monsterball' said...."This blog is full of shit"

    Yeah, full of the shit berak by you lah, mr new monsterbola.

  34. You can smell it?
    We read post and run, from this shit blog.
    Bola came and did what he has to do.
    Keep smelling his shits.

  35. Monty posted for country and people, for Anwar and for himself.
    That's defending 4 birds with one stone.
    Go find one more like him.