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New chow-kow (running dogs) in town?

I once left a slightly caustic reprimand against Sebastian Loh at Malaysia-Today, well, because I did not agree with his article. I can't remember what was that article but in my comment I said something to the effect that it has been blokes like Sebastian who caused disrespect to the DAP (or Chinese).

We need to be aware that Sebastian is pro BN just as my matey Susan Loone (who now no longer chats with me - why Sui Yin?) and Mandy Ping are pro Pakatan.

Nothing wrong in taking sides in politics which is why we have general and state elections to determine who is the majority, ...

... that is, unless you read the Pakatan dominated net where anyone who supports BN will be labelled as dedak-makan-er or if female like Michelle Yeoh, a slut, or even if neutrals like Maryam Lee, a covert BN operative and a shameless hussy.

The porno-graphics on Maryam Lee while bespeaking the low class talent of the Pakatan artists also tell us of their barbarous loathsome bestiality against anyone with opinions and allegiance opposite to theirs.

Wait, I have more, even if a DAP (Pakatan?) member like Sangeet Singh (daughter of our late beloved Karpal Singh) reminded the DAP that while in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies, but in dealing with a man like Mahathir, there should be permanent principles, she was still abused by Pakatan supporters no differently to pro BN Michelle Yeoh and #UndiRosak's Maryam Lee.

That's the toxicity in Malaysian politics, especially (though not exclusively) on the Pakatan side - there exists no room for reasonableness, civility, balance, compromise or such a silly alien concept like 'bipartisanship'.

It's only a la George Bush Junior all the way, to wit, "you're either with us, or against us", and f**k the neutrality of Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Finland.

DAP supporter as I've been, I confess that such an unreasonable feral attitude disgusts me, yes indeed, to an extent that I am now falling in love with Maryam Lee ...'s #UndiRosak.

At this point we return to Sebastian Loh. He has just written a new article for MM Online titled Why the Chinese hate MCA and BN in which he started by saying (the Chinese hatred is so strong) that even if Liew Tiong Lai were to now discover a cure for cancer he and the MCA would still be wiped out by angry Chinese voters in GE14.

He traced the cause to (in his own words):

Like most Chinese, I grew up extremely resentful at the race-based policies that gave Malays a leg up, but not the Chinese. We couldn’t understand why skin colour should matter. Weren’t we all Malaysians, born and bred?

Our resentment festered over time, commonly manifesting itself as racist epithets against Malays, spoken behind doors at family and social gatherings. Many of us became the very extremists, the very monsters we sought to oppose.

As our Chinese representatives in BN, MCA and Gerakan were easy targets. We accused them of being too compliant to Umno. When have they ever stood up for our interests? They were Umno’s running dogs, the infamous chow kows who might as well be Nazi collaborators.

We despised the race-based BN model where the Malay nationalist party called all the shots, and the Chinese parties had to play along. We wanted to be treated as equals, and we weren’t going to take it any longer.

Sebastion has not been wrong in pinpointing the cause of the Chinese hatred for MCA and Gerakan being perception of those two political parties behaving as chow-kow (running dogs - Chinese should understand this term) to UMNO.

My personal opinion on the two elections that wiped out MCA and Gerakan in Penang in 1969 and 2008 respectively is that:

(a) MCA was wiped out in 1969 mainly (but not exclusively) because of perceived corruption and 

(b) Gerakan in 2008 mainly (but not exclusively) because of the party's perceived 'running dog' subservience to UMNO.

But Sebastian now ponders on whether the Pakatan devotees today are aware of a new chow-kow in town, namely the DAP to UMNO Mark III otherwise known as Pribumi.

not this one, wakakaka 

Of course, we remind ourselves that Sebastian Loh is liable to say that because he is a pro BN bloke but let's at least hear what he has to say:

These days, most Chinese people I meet tell me they have no issue voting for Pakatan with Mahathir and Pribumi at its head. This strikes me as considerable madness. How isn’t Pakatan Harapan a cheap copy of the BN model that has always enraged us? You have Pribumi as the replacement Umno. You have DAP as the replacement MCA. Why are we content with returning to square one lah?

How often has DAP spoken up against Pribumi’s race-based membership, race-based rhetoric, and race-based outlook? How often has DAP taken Mahathir to task for his past wrongdoings and failures?

DAP leaders may argue that their support for Mahathir and his party is a political necessity, but that was probably MCA’s excuse in the 1980s and 1990s too. Look at who are the running dogs now. If MCA must be held responsible for enabling Mahathir’s racial agenda for 22 years, then DAP is now guilty of the same.

Of course, Pakatan leaders claim they can keep Mahathir in check and prevent him from ruling like the dictator he was in the old days. But this is absolute baloney. We’re talking about a guy who ruthlessly outmanoeuvred and destroyed all his rivals and critics within BN and the government, from his own deputies to independent judges.

Pakatan’s best and brightest, on the other hand, couldn’t even get PAS to play ball with them. After convincing their voters to trust PAS, they then whine about how they were betrayed by that very same party. How lah?

why get involved in what was an internal PKR party issue and behaved like Chicken Little? 

PAS won in the end in choice of MB Selangor after Khalid Ibrahim 

several thousands of babies were born in Selangor before he dared make any decision on PAS

In other words, Sebastion asked how can Pakatan deal with
über Mahathir when they could not even deal with lowly PAS.

I leave you to ponder on his statements, that is, if you are capable of clearing your minds of George Bush Junior, wakakaka.

But you know, the best line that Sebastion has written is:

I have no love for MCA — even though people often assume so because I lean politically to BN (hope you’re not intimidated by differences in opinion).

How sweet and succinct - hope you’re not intimidated by differences in opinion. It certainly resonates beautifully with my political philosophy.

Yes, I too hope you’re not intimidated by differences in my opinion to yours.

Emperor's Forty Horses

Inspired by the 1810 nursery rhyme:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again

And how many horses of the Emperor were there
Forty? Oh my goodness, horses he have are forty
After his riding, he went for a holiday but where?
Argentina, which Madonna sang "Don't cry for me"

Zindabad, Dirgahayu, Wan-sui Wan-wan-sui, Viva
O What impressive imperialistic lifestyle he leads
And his cucu frolicking in equal style by the marina
Magnificent edifices of Arabian Nights're his deeds

Like Humpty Dumpty, the judiciary had a great fall
O such a hullabaloo that went right into our history
And the Law never did quite recover from that fall
I know you know but to 'guppies' was a big mystery

El Gaucho flings his amazing bolas to trap a kerbau
4 meat to serve His Imperialistic Perpetual Emperor
Minced, kerbau serves as delightful fillings for 'pau'
Or beef dumplings, the signature dish of roti baker

Shaken not stirred

(1) TMI - BN shaken as more than half Johoreans say new faces welcome (extracts):

... a new poll showing that more than half of Johoreans are agreeable to new faces running the state.

In a poll conducted by the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research last month, 51% of 1,007 Johoreans polled said they would give other parties a chance to administer the state.

Chinese voters were the most receptive to change at 69% followed by Indians (50%) and Malays (39%).

The sentiment also seemed to be more popular among Johoreans in the higher income brackets, with those earning RM4,000-RM6,999 at 67% and RM7,000 and above at 65%.

Urban and rural voters were evenly split on this.

(2) Malaysiakini - Dr M: Fear of Najib greater than during Japanese occupation (extracts):

During his two decades as prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was accused of ruling the nation with an iron fist, jailing dissidents and political rivals as well as keeping the media, government agencies, and other institutions on a tight least.
However, Mahathir claims that never in the history of Malaysia have its people been so afraid unlike now under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The Pakatan Harapan chairperson alleged that the fear is greater than what was experienced during the Japanese occupation.

Related: Mahathir and his Japanese.

Most of us know that TMI (The Malaysian Insight) is pro Mahathir whilst Malaysiakini is (to me) neutral but to BN people, pro Pakatan.

Based on yesterdays' headlines by each media, I wonder who would be considered as more shaken by the polling trend?

BTW, when Mahathir said, "... never in the history of Malaysia have its people been so afraid unlike now under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak" I wonder whether he was paraphrasing Winston Churchill's immortal eulogy to the RAF after the decisive Battle of Britain, to wit:

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so fewWakakaka.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Most Important Day for Hokkiens

In Penang, in a few more hours the Chinese (mainly Hokkiens) will be thronging along the road leading up to the Temple of the Jade Emperor (Thnee Kong Tnua) at the base of Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera), to celebrate the Lord's birthday.

Hmmm, perhaps they are already thronging the road.

Kaytee as a kid used to jaga basikal disana on this day (for 24 hours starting from 6 pm on the 8th Day until 6 pm on the 9th Day), wakakaka.

The 9th Day of the new Lunar Year is the MOST important day for Hokkiens. It's the day their race was saved from genocide.

For more, read my post at KTemoc Kongsamkok titled Hokkien salvation in sugar cane fields. I have an almost similar post here but the one at Kongsamkok is an improved version.

Vivian Yeo Siew Hui, Hokkien sweetie from Johor
now Hong Kong TV star

Mahathir and his Japanese

Malaysiakini Headline (only) - Dr M: Fear of Najib greater than during Japanese occupation:

I wasn't born yet during the Japanese occupation of Malaya, but when I asked my Uncles about what Mahathir has just said, they laughed bitterly and said what a bullshitter Mahathir is. Chinese lived in perpetual fear of being arrested, tortured, raped, shot or decapitated by the Japanese soldiers or worse, the Kenpeitai.

Kenpeitai was the military police arm of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1881 to 1945. It was not a conventional military police, but more of a secret police

The Japanese soldiers hated the Chinese for their overt support of both the Kuomintang and Communist military in China who were resisting Japanese invasion there.

But one of my Uncles friend said the horrendous environment of perpetual fear in Malaya during the Japanese occupation applied mostly to Chinese, so Mahathir as a Malay (well, he might have some Indian blood but constitutionally he is undeniably one) could be telling the truth, viewed from his Malay lens.

By comparison to the Chinese, the Malays had it pretty light during the Jap occupation as those Japanese targeted mainly the local Chinese. Besides, the Malays (unlike the Chinese) did not consider the Japanese military in WWII any worse than the colonial British - both were aliens in Malaya. Thus the Japanese tended to treat the Malays far far better than the Chinese.

Almost all those tortured, killed and brutalised during the Japanese occupation of Malaya were Chinese plus those Orang Putih who were POWs and a few Eurasians - I am not sure whether Indians were hurt but the Eurasians were unfortunately considered as Europeans by the Japs.

In fact, I recall Mahathir once provided a one-sided perspective on the treatment of Malays by Japanese military during the Japanese occupation. He said Malays even lost their lowly office jobs (held under the British) and were forced to become petty roadside traders selling goods like bananas.

Now, hasn't that been just naughty? Did the Chinese and Indians manage to keep their British provided jobs? Almost every Chinese were on the run as war refugees in deep terrorised fear because they were the occupiers' bête noires, the race most disliked by the Japanese.

My family were forced to run off to Balik Pulau via (then) jungle tracks over the Ayer Itam - Balik Pulau hills and hid in a relative's chicken farm in Balik Pulau, abandoning and losing everything they owned in Georgetown.

Until the Brits reoccupied Penang, they lived for years in a shed meant for fowls, completed with chicken poo. One of my aunties, then newly born and unable to eat any solid, survived only on the fluid of rice gruel for more than a week, becoming weaker and weaker each day in front of her terrified mum's eyes. Her mum could not produce enough milk for her. I suppose her mum's daily prayers to her gods must have worked.

Additionally there was evidence that in general, more than a few Malays collaborated with the Japanese invaders, not because they were quislings or traitors but because unlike the Chinese, they saw the Japanese as 'friends' for driving out the colonialist Poms - the old equation of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

Bearing in mind those times were during pre-independent Malaya, the Chinese reacted differently to the Malays because of their ethnic allegiance to China and the Japanese atrocities there, explaining why the Japs were particularly cruel to Chinese in Malaya and Singapore.

Mahathir also said that when Malays “… failed to bow their heads low when walking by a Japanese soldier they would be forced to balance large chunks of rocks on their heads and shoulders until they would collapse from dizziness, or that they (the Malays)would be ordered to climb tall coconut trees to get the fruits for these Japanese soldiers, where on failing to achieve that, would be slapped and would have to crouch to seek forgiveness …”.

Is the above example happening to Malays today?

But never mind, let's return to WWII - ask any Chinese from that time or those who have or had parents or grandparents living under Japanese occupation to appreciate (only an iota of) their fears, sufferings and tormented lives in those dark days. Being slapped by the Japs would by comparison be like a Sunday school picnic.

Alas, Mahathir wanted to monopolise Malayan sufferings under the Japanese for only Malays when the reverse was true - a totally un-humorous Baghdad-Bob-ish nonsense. And all he could come up with was the example of Malays being slapped by Japanese soldiers.

No matter how much you hate Najib, it's just impossible to believe Mahathir when he said Fear of Najib greater than during Japanese occupation.

Now look at what had happened to Chinese at the hands of the Japanese occupiers of Malaya during WWII. Apart from being decapitated, the illustration below shows just one example of what happened to Chinese who were unfortunate as to be hauled in by the Kenpeitai. One of the places the Kenpeitai tortured Chinese victims was at Wesley Church Burma Penang.

Mahathir sure as hell tok-kok. Podah

Election approaching - Stray dogs in Penang safe

Star Online - Batu Ferringhi gets one-star rating on TripAdvisor after dog attacks (extracts):

A dog chasing away the birds from its 'territory' on the Batu Ferringhi beach

GEORGE TOWN: No tourist destination can avoid negative reviews – there’s always an unhappy camper or two – but the Batu Ferringhi tourism belt recently earned an alarming one-star rating on TripAdvisor because of dogs attacking tourists.

Since last year, hoteliers along the beach had reported eight dog attacks on their guests to local authorities, with one attack on Oct 8 resulting in the victim receiving four stitches and two anti-tetanus jabs. The last known attack was on Feb 7.


Lone Pine Hotel general manager Francois Sigrist called on Penang Island City Council (MBPP) to take swift action.

“We know that many of the dogs that attacked our guests belong to water sports operators who use the dogs to guard their equipment at night,” he said.

On April 27, The Star highlighted three dog attacks.

Obviously nothing has been done.

MBPP Stray Dogs Sub-Committee chairman and city councillor Joseph Ng said stray or feral dogs in Batu Ferringhi would usually disappear into the foothills by day and come out only late at night, making it hard to catch them.

Strays are classified as dogs abandoned by their former owners, while feral canines are born in a pack with no human interaction.

“With any public complaint, we respond in 24 hours. But catching the dogs is not easy,” he said.

From next month, Ng said, MBPP will actively begin a catch-neuter-­release programme to reduce the population of strays on the island.

Penang has 7,500 licensed dogs, but it also has 10,000 stray dogs.

I wonder how can the MBPP catch-neuter-­release programme reduce the population of strays??

It's sheer bull or dog-gone bullshit, because the stray population will REMAIN the SAME.

And of course 'catching' ferocious stray dogs are not easy. The correct action should be to cull them.

The 'release' part has been the most objectionable because the dog menace of feral bites will continue.

The only way to eliminate or drastically reduce and minimise the current danger is to cull the feral-stray dogs.

But with the general and state elections just around the corner the authorities won't take any culling action for fear of those animal lovers, who humane as they may be, are completely unreasonable, impracticable and totally oblivious to the danger of attacks by such dogs against people including and especially elderly citizens and children.

Up to today, the dog lovers are seemingly devoid of any decent plan to contain the canine danger. All they have done have been to protest, threaten the authorities and tok-kok.

Last year, or was it the year before, or even before that, during Penang's attempt to cull an increasing stray-feral dog population, those Dog Lovers threatened the CM of Penang for doing his duty to protect Penangites from the bites and threats of those un-owned dogs running around as if those creatures own Penang.

One lady, I believe a resident from overseas, even fainted from her strenuous efforts to save the Roaming Rovers.

The Dog Lovers defiantly resisted any attempt by the Penang government to cull those strays, but instead promoted neutering the creatures, though as far as I know, they made no comment at all regarding homes or shelters other than to silently buat ta'tahu, meaning to continue letting them run around as teflonized stray dogs a la teflonized stray cows in India.

Sorry I lied. I heard from my Penang mateys that some in fact demanded part of the donated 'bail money' that DAP supporters gave to Lim Guan Eng when he was accused of corruption, presumably to build a Doggie Putrajaya Arabian Nights shelter.

Those who demanded part of LGE's 'bail money' didn't give a sh*t that it had been donated by DAP supporters for a specific purpose, to wit, for LGE's bail and not for their dogs' wail.

Yessirree, in the name of their loving Rover, they demanded some of that 'bail money' but were quite shocked no one outside their group give them any notice.

If Dog Lovers have been silent on how to stop the strays from being strays, they also did not explain how to prevent those still straying strays (but by now hopefully circumcised neutered), say, rummaging at garbage dumps for food, from possibly, nay, more likely, threatening children and elderly citizens passing by or even biting them. Well, those strays have bitten tourists at Batu Ferringhi beach several times.

But damn, it's the trespassing fault of those bloody tourists who were probably disgusting cat-lovers. Sheeesh!

Sadly, the problem of dogs attacking tourists will continue to remain unchanged, until someone in authority in MBPP grow some balls, bite the bullet and start the necessary and long overdue culling of the strays, and tell those dog lovers to f**k off or come up with a confined shelter for their beloved canines.

Azmin Ali's kangkang stance comes home to roost

I have often written about a particular 'Chinese saying', which warns against a person having each of his feet on two different boats. It implies that person has two different loyalties, nay, strike out the word 'loyalties' because such a person can never ever be loyal to anyone. Please substitute that 'loyalties' word with 'affiliations'.

woi, follow that boat, my other leg is still on it 

'Affiliations' means 'annexing, attaching, connecting, joining, associating, aligning, allying', but alas, fall short of 'loyalty', wakakaka.

But such a kangkang stance will eventually split him asunder when the two boats sail towards different directions.

Azmin Ali has been such a man with his feet each on two different political boats, one foot on Pakatan Harapan with secular DAP ally and the other on his private dealings with an Islamic PAS which left Pakatan Rakyat.

training for kangkang stance 

Thus when PAS returns home to the NE and Pakatan Harapan sails towards the NW, he'll invariably experience a tearing sensation (plus its horrid sound) right at his ass, to end up going south.

The English-American colloquialism of 'going south' or 'gone south' means 'whatever/whoever it describes has gone wrong or is f**ked'.

Thus Azmin Ali is f**ked kaukau right now.

But his current problem has been of his own making. He has been such a treacherous political player (theoretically allied with Pakatan Haparan but at the same time, slutting with Pakatan's foe, PAS).

But PAS persistent 'f**k off' to him despite and in spite of his amorous overtures has finally shafted reality down (or up?) the ass of double headed viper.

The Star Online in its article Final months of ‘frenemies govt’ states intrinsically in its very unique word 'fenemies' just what sort of game Azmin Ali was playing until now. Selected extracts of the article follows:

Selangor's “government of friends and enemies” is finally about to come to an end. [...]

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, who had been seen as bending over backwards for PAS, is no longer playing the nice guy.

All eyes are now on whether Azmin will bring the axe down on the three PAS leaders who are still members of the state exco, or if he will allow the “government of friends and enemies” to go on till the general election.

The trio, Datuk Iskandar Samad, Zaidy Abdul Talib and Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, have no intention of resigning from their posts even though their party is planning to contest against Pakatan Harapan in the general election.

Azmin had reportedly threatened to sack Roslan Shahir, the PAS councillor in Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, but that has yet to happen.

Roslan, who is also the Selangor PAS election director, is a vocal and critical political commentator with a big following and it is believed he may have stepped on the Mentri Besar’s toes with his Facebook postings.

The move against PAS is also seen as reaching out to Selangor’s non-Malay audience, especially the Chinese voters who have turned against PAS after supporting the party in the last two elections.

Azmin recently granted interviews to several Chinese vernacular newspapers during which he drummed home the point that there is no electoral pact with PAS and said that Pakatan Harapan is preparing for three-cornered fights with PAS and Barisan Nasional.

Azmin rarely gives interviews and it was the first time he had been this frank about the ties with PAS.

But the long and short of it is that Azmin is trying to lock in the Chinese vote by quashing rumours that he is in cahoots with PAS.

KT note: Has it been 'too little too late'?

Azmin, who is Selangor PKR chief, also denied any secret agreements with PAS or that he had engaged in seat negotiations with it.

KT note: But read on and you'd note his treachery to Pakatan has been staggering.

However, a PAS insider said a team of Selangor PKR leaders had met with state PAS leaders to negotiate seats. The team, which was led by Ampang MP Zuraidah Kamaruddin, included state PKR secretary Borhan Aman Shah, Taman Medan assemblyman Haniza Talha, and Kota Anggerik assemblyman Yaakob Saapari.

“They put forward a list of 15 seats for us to contest which did not go down well with us. They said that other seats would be open for negotiation.

“But the discussion fell apart because they could not assure us that other Pakatan partners would not contest against us in those seats.

“That is not what we call a deal. It means we have to draw our swords in the general election,” said the PAS insider.

PAS will be contesting 45 state seats and 20 parliamentary seats. That means a galore of multi-cornered fights, given that Selangor has 56 state and 22 parliamentary seats.

KT note: Wakakaka.

But it is a mystery why PAS is still clinging on as part of the state government. It makes little strategic sense and it undermines all their big plans of being able to go it alone and become the third force in the general election.

The main protagonists keep claiming that they are staying put because that is the wish of the Selangor palace. But during an interview with The Star in December, the Sultan of Selangor denied ever giving out such an instruction to the state government.

PAS should walk out now while they can still hold up their head and allow the state Pakatan to reorganise itself.

KT note: It's just like the case in Penang in January 2015 when Hadi Awang mentioned the taboo word 'race' and claimed that there would be a repeat May 13 if the DAP kept pushing for local government elections.

As I had written previously, Hadi must have seen (and feared) those local elections, usually in urban areas, would deprive his PAS members of Pakatan Rakyat appointments to councillor positions, then by state appointments rather than via local elections. In that sense, he's not for democracy and its institutions, especially when he assessed his PAS won't get elected.

That's PAS for you in our democracy, warts and all, apart from the reality its members have been more for materialistic rewards than the other worldly type.

Continuing with the Star Online article:

There are simply too many obstacles from his Pakatan partners about PAS and his party will now have to lean on the Chinese vote and keep their fingers crossed where the Malay vote is concerned.

That's the sad disappointing Azmin Ali for you, using you or discarding you depending on your 'usefulness' (or lack of) for him. He doesn't deserve Chinese support in the same way PAS should NOT ever be given (non-Muslim) Chinese votes.
Unlike his former mentor Anwar, Azmin lacks that BIG picture vision, and thus has been unnecessarily and exceedingly mean-spirited, calculating to the last drop of blood on how PKR would get every iota of advantage over DAP (or PAS).

Maybe we should blame it on Azmin's subliminal Chettiar DNA or his mathematics degree, or both, wakakaka.

But yes, the sad part of it all is that with Azmin lacks the BIG picture vision of he wants to be a likely Pakatan PM who will govern Malaysia with the DAP, Amanah and even Pribumi (minus you-know-who, wakakaka) under him a la Tun Razak.

And thus, because of his kangkang stance on two different sampans he is now definitely without real political allies or sympathies.