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Grandpa Mah sent LKS & LGE 'to eat curry rice'

From the Chinese News - The MN Fight
Opposition parties in their speeches always tell people it is not that Barisan Nasional candidates are not good but a vote to BN is a vote to Najib. They however forget in a selective way to tell people that their prime minister candidate is Mahathir. According to the same logic, a vote to them is also a vote to Mahathir.

In 2009, when Najib succeeded as the prime minister, the Opposition parties especially the Rocket (which has disappeared now), ganged up to criticized Grandpa Mah with the objective of attacking Najib. It could be recalled that Lim Kit Siang then accused Grandpa Mah as the stumbling block in Najib’s transformation programmes.

In reality, when Najib carried out the transformation programmes to gradually resolve problems relating to civil servants, certain people formed PERKASA to fight against Najib. You may not know that Grandpa Mah is still the adviser of that organization.

In the 2013 general election, Lim Kit Siang applied pressure on BN to probe the foreign exchange losses. But when the prime minister announced in parliament the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the incident, Lim Kit Siang was against it because Grandpa Mah has made a change and became their leader.

LKS mudah lupa 

Many people are like me who cannot understand how certain people can embrace a deadly enemy as a close fighting partner overnight after having condemned him for 22 years. It’s so strange as if nothing had happened.

On that day at the opposition rally in Teluk Intan, Lim Kit Siang said Grandpa Mah had sent him and his son Lim Guan Eng to “eat curry rice” but he still chose Grandpa Mah in order to save the nation.

It is comforting that the audience was rational and made no response. After that, some residents asked me whether Lim Kit Siang had gone senile.

To me, Grandpa Mah is the enforcer of Internal Security Act while Najib abolished the ISA. Grandpa Mah supported Bumiputra quota in business while Najib has abolished the Bumiputra quota for companies going public.

Najib is an open-minded leader. He initiated “1Malaysia” which was damaged by Grandpa Mah’s trusted “Malay first” deputy Muhyiddin. Now the “Malay first” Muhyiddin is contesting under the opposition banner.

Lim Kit Siang has been shouting that Malaysia has gone bankrupt for the past 40 years. He described every election as the last chance to save the nation while Malaysia has been transformed from an industrial country to a high-tech industrial country with high income without Lim Kit Siang being in power.

Changing the government is not a panacea especially when the opposition knows only how to criticize but fails to offer any constructive remedies. What anger me are their lies. Certain people are eloquent but lacking in virtues.

The opposition parties want to incite people by advocating the abolition of GST but they choose not to tell people that in their alternative budget, with the abolition of GST, it would be necessary to raise the corporate tax, import duties on foreign cars, road tax, other surcharges and import duties. Will such a solution lead to lower prices?

Recently, a bakery shop was closed. When that happened, Grandpa said something contradictory within the span of two weeks. In the beginning, he said the bakery was not his, and then he said its closure was due to poor business and then he blamed the economy of the nation for causing the closure.

To me, the closure of a business is related to personal capability. By shifting the blame to the government and the country has exposed his credibility. When an old man takes no responsibility of what he does, how can he be the leader then? It is more worrying when he keeps blaming the country and scapegoating others for his personal problem.
I believe that in this election, one must make a choice between the modern version of UMNO and past UMNO. Whether you want Najib who is transforming the nation or Grandpa Mah who takes law into his hands, like it or not, you have to make a choice!

21 reasons why Mahathir cannot become PM

From China Press - 21 reasons why Tun Mahathir cannot become prime minister:

China Press

China Press

Kuala Lumpur, April 18: A pilot lists out on his Facebook 21 reasons why Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Mahathir cannot become the prime minister and he is especially thankful of Mahathir’s bumiputra policy that forced him to become a pilot.

Calling himself Thiru, he said he graduated with a doctorate degree in civil engineering but learned that the “Indian quota” for lecturers in local universities had been filled. So he signed up as a “guest lecturers” on a contract renewable once in a few months. Another university offered him to be an associate professor.

He said mockingly that in order to fulfill Mahathir’s “bumiputra only” policy, he tried to go to the US to take up a post-doctorate programme which he was qualified. However, he did not expect that this programme was also limited to bumiputra only which made him unable to pursue an academic career. He was eventually forced to become a pilot.

“Now Mahathir wants to save a ‘Malaysia which practises racial discrimination’.”

Thiru asks Pakatan supporters whether to let Mahathir ‘save Malaysia’ or ‘save Malaysia from Mahathir’?

Thiru thinks there are 21 reasons that Mahathir cannot become the prime minister. He says: 

  1. When I was in primary two, Mahathir tried quietly to control the tin market through Maminco Holdings. When the tin market collapsed, his firm lost US$253 million (equivalent to RM985 million). Eventually, the company closed down. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from mismanagement. 
  2. He caused BMF to lose RM2.5 billion in the Hong Kong financial scandal and now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ a financially mismanaged Malaysia. 
  3. Due to his ambition to develop heavy industry, Perwaja Steel was set up and lost RM10 billion. Eric Cheah became the scapegoat. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from losing GLCs. 
  4. His privatization policy is in reality to pass to his cronies national public amenities, including electricity power, telecommunications and even railway network giving birth to super-rich Malays and multi-billionaires and widening the wealth disparity among the bumiputra. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from such bad policies. 
  5. His speculation on foreign exchange in 1985 resulted in Bank Negara’s loss of US$10billion** in foreign reserves. And now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from foreign exchange deficit.
  6. MAS lost RM8billion in a span of eight years but he kept helping it financially. Even when MAS shares fell from RM8 to RM3, the government used public funds to buy up its shares at RM8. He received a 32% stake while the RM1.8 billion from public funds had gone to businessman Tan Sri Tajuddin. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from kleptomaniac. 
  7. The PKFZ scandal had resulted in a loss of RM4.6 billion. He freed himself leaving behind Tun Ling Liong Sik. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia. 
  8. Under the programme to nurture bumiputra suppliers, he forced Proton and other industries to buy from designated suppliers on long term basis. And now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from money politics. 
  9. He belittled WTO and raised import tax on foreign cars up to 300% forcing people to buy Proton on bank loans stretching up to nine years. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from trade protectionism. 
  10. He neglected Sabah and Sarawak’s development for 22 years and now he says East Malaysians should rely on self-improvement rather than financial aids. Mahathir now says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the J community, K community, Sabah and Sarawak. 
  11. Under Operasi Lalang, he jailed people he didn’t like without trial and now he says he would ‘save’ Malaysia from such wrongdoings. 
  12. He suspended three newspapers and jailed editors for reporting his political and financial scandals. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the oppression of press freedom. 
  13. He weakened the power of the monarchy and laid down the unprecedented principle placing executive power above that of judiciary. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from government intervention of the judiciary. 
  14. He changed the population composition of Sabah by launching his IC project in increasing hugely the number of immigrants leading to the Lahat Datu incident. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the serious immigration problem. 
  15. He blamed financial speculator George Soros and the Jews for the devaluation of the ringgit. When that failed, he turned and blamed the deputy prime minister for being a gay and sacked him. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the abuse of human rights. 
  16. When his former deputy and family were having dinner, he sent people to break up the glass door and kidnapped him in front of his family members and put him in jail. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from political persecution. 
  17. He sent people to assault his former deputy and pretended he was shocked. Subsequently, he set up police independent panel to investigate the incident but the panel died a natural death with the withdrawal of funds. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from a police state. 
  18. When he realized the ringgit will soon collapse, he, instead of repaying the debts, forced the merger of a group of leading banks comprising some profitable banks and his cronies to redistribute resources and also stopped people from depositing money overseas. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from capital control. 
  19. He repeatedly blamed the Jews and regarded Schindler’s List is a movie appealing for sympathy for the Jews. The movie was banned in Malaysia. Zoran Nikolic the KL/Selangor footballer was sacked after winning the Malaysia Cup because he has a Serbian passport. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from religious fundamentalism. 
  20. During his reign, he used racialism to divide the people through the top national academic institution. He tried to convince this institution that race A is superior than race B and C because B and C are ‘outsiders’ and not bumiputra. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from racism. 
  21. He once accused Lim Kit Siang for practising nepotism by making his son Lim Guan Eng the chief minister of Penang. Isn’t it nepotism when he allowed his son Mukhriz to become Kedah menteri besar? Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from nepotism and cronyism.
Only 21? Anwar did better with 50, wakakaka.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong kow-tim-ed?

FMT - Tian Chua: Wangsa Maju needs a young, bilingual candidate (extracts):

Tian Chua is said to be the putative chief of the PKR's Chinese section. By his words he has effectively kow-tim-ed poor Dr Tan Kee Kwong, the son of the redoubtable (late) Dr Tan Chee Khoon, the man who noted for his "Without Fear or Favour" fame.

As I mentioned in my post last year titled F**k Beer, but STOP dictating our lifestyles according to your religious beliefs, PKR members who support the beer festival like Wangsa Maju MP Dr Tan Kee Kong would be, in best case scenario, ignored by their party, wakakaka. But I leave you to imagine the worst case scenario.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong
son of the redoubtable late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon

late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon 

Dr Tan Seng Giaw
mentee of
 the redoubtable late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon

Tian Chua said that PKR's candidate in the Wangsa Maju seat needs to be carefully thought out as it is a Malay-majority area.

“It is a Malay-majority constituency. There are a lot of civil servants, police cooperatives and some areas are heavily influenced by ulamas too."

“So, if there are any changes, the replacement must be a younger leader with a strong bilingual capacity.”

Dr Tan Kee Kwong in the 2013 general election defeated the Umno divisional chief Mohd Shafei Abdullah with a majority of 5,511 votes, in a straight fight which saw a voter turnout of 57,771 (86%).

But the jungle drums are beating out a PKR death note for Dr Tan Kee Kwong, with the gossip that another Tan, Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew, a former parliamentary secretary to the international trade and industry ministry, may be replacing him.

Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew 

Tan Yee Yew, by now 65, was from the MCA (in fact then, a senior central committee member ) and had served as a three-term Klang MP from 1995. She was appointed International Trade and Industry Ministry parliamentary secretary after the 2004 general election.

But she was said to be marginalised by the MCA, thus she joined PKR in 2008, and like all who jumped ship to join PKR, was immediately 'beautified', 'canonised' and made a saint, wakakaka.

Tan Yee Yew joining PKR in 2008 

It seems that PKR has joined DAP in purging hard working old timers. Out with the old lamps and in with the new ones.

Aladdin's wife exchanging old lamp for a new one

But Tian Chua's for a young bilingual candidate
seems not to be fully met by Saint Datin Paduka Tan
 Yee Kew, assuming she is the replacement for Dr Tan Kee Kwong because she would be 65 by now. 

Either she might not be the new PKR candidate for Wangsa Maju OR the PKR jungle drums has been beating out fake news.

LKS sold us down the river

MM Online - Former EC chairman slated for Kota Lama state seat:

former EC commissioner Ab Rashid Ab Rahman

VP of ultra Malay fascist NGO, PERKASA
while opening Perkasa’s Federal Territory annual general meeting in 2013, he was quoted as saying that the three redelineation exercises during his term at the EC, which were done “in a proper way”, had ensured the continued political dominance of the Malays

KOTA BARU, April 20 ― Former Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Ab Rashid Ab Rahman will be contesting in the Kota Lama state seat here in the 14th general election.

Ab Rashid, who is also PPBM vice president and Kota Baru PPBM head, made the announcement himself at a press conference here today.

Also present was Kelantan DAP chairman Chua Chin Sui.

Kota Lama is one of the state seats under the Kota Baru parliamentary seat. ― Bernama

Looks like the DAP, under Lim Kit Siang's Entente Cordiale with Mahathir, has now embraced a Malay ultra right winger like Abdul Rashid who admitted under his term as Commissioner of EC, he had (three times) re-delineated electoral constituencies to ensure the continued political dominance of the Malays.

F**king well-done, DAP-under-Lim-Kit-Siang, you have sold us down the river.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Demon-ising Dr Aziz Bari

MM Online - Perak group wants Aziz Bari dropped as GE14 candidate (extracts):

IPOH, April 20 — A group of 53 non-governmental organisations, calling themselves Jaringan Bersatu Sahabat Perak (JABAT), has condemned the selection of academic Abdul Aziz Bari by DAP to contest in Perak during the 14th general election.

Its spokesman Mohd Ishraqi Sulaiman claimed that Aziz had disrespected the monarchy and insulted the palace and Selangor Sultan. [...]

Ishraqi claimed the acts were against the Rukunnegara, royal institution and Federal Constitution, but did not elaborate why.

Note: JABAT could not elaborate why putting Dr Bari up as a DAP candidate will be against the Rukun Negara, Royal Institution and Federal Constitution because it has been tok-ing kok, wakakaka.

'siam' is Penang Hokkien for 'avoid', thus in above context, 'to stand aside'

Penang Hokkien 101: 'Siam sai hong' means 'ponteng', wakakaka

During the early days of Pakatan ruled Selangor, just after the 2008 GE, Dr Bari was the one saying Teresa Kok, then ADUN for Kinrara, could be deputy MB in Selangor.

Then, the general argument militating against her legibility to be deputy MB was that HRH needed a Malay MB and also a Malay deputy MB to advise him on State's Islamic matter.

Dr Bari as a constitutional law expert, dismissed that fallacy, saying HRH was/is himself the Head of Islam in Selangor and didn't/doesn't require any advice from anyone, and also that HRH had/has the state MAIS to fall back upon on more complex Islamic issues.

sweetie Teresa Kok 

But the triple 'C' taboo hanging over Teresa Kok's head, to wit, being Chinese, Christian & Chabor (a woman), was too far a cultural bridge for conservative minds, especially conservative Malay minds. Thus Khalid Ibrahim, then MB and true to his kniasi (takut mati politics) character, acted 'dunno'.

That constitutional advice might well have black-marked Dr Bari for the first time, but he subsequently went on to irritate conservative Malay minds on his constitutional interpretations. When he was nominated by the DAP to be a town councillor in PJ or thereabout, he was noticeably dropped by the PKR-led government from being one.

Rumours flew high and low regarding that deliberate ostracization by the PKR MB, as follows:

(a) DAP played him out (after the DAP had nominated him, I wonder how?),

(b) PKR played him out as he left PKR to join DAP (I won't be surprised, wakakaka)

(c) HRH
did not like him so he was dropped on royal order.

Thus, he has a blemish vis-a-vis royalty and wakakaka, PKR too, not unlike Zaid Ibrahim, both being accused as quasi-republicans.

The Star Online had reported that in September 2014, Dr Bari's statements ..... were alleged to have questioned the role of the royalty in politics and also suggested that the discretionary powers of the Sultan were only limited to instances where there was a hung state assembly.


He was suspended from IIUM in October 2011 for questioning the remarks made by the Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah over a raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais).

Coincidentally, both Zaid Ibrahim and Dr Aziz Bari left PKR to join the DAP, wakakaka.

But PKR's Wong Chen, MP for Kelana Jaya, being the gentleman he is, spoke fondly of Dr Bari, as follows:

Wong Chen

we need more politicians like him who has been a gentleman and behaves with courtesy and civility

On the news of Professor Aziz Bari leaving PKR to join DAP, I wish him the best. When he was in PKR, we used to discuss constitutional issues. His book on the Malaysian constitution is a very good book and is a rich source of information. He is also known for not owning a handphone.

Prof. Aziz stood on the PKR ticket as a Parliamentary candidate for Sabak Bernam, Selangor in 2013. We had very high hopes for him. It is a loss for PKR when a man of such talent leaves. A few weeks ago, sastrawan A Samad Said, despite being a very close friend of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, also opted to join DAP. But at least in consolation, he is moving to our ally. Internally, PKR will need to look into why we are losing such talents in Selangor.

In particular, I salute Prof. Aziz for his loyalty and bravery, standing up for Kak Wan in her quest to be MB Selangor. He took the position that the Sultan has no choice but appoint her as MB. Aziz Bari risked police arrest for saying that “only God, not the Sultan of Selangor, has absolute power”.

Good bye my friend and good luck.

Wong Chen had a nasty falling out with MB Azmin Ali in May last year when his budget for Kelana Jaya was mysteriously cut off. The Sun Daily reported (extracts):

Wong Chen revealed the audit report conducted on his office while claiming that his community spending was frozen by the Selangor government.

In an earlier claim in May, Wong Chen had criticised the state government's audit on a RM250,000 budget allocated to his office, which according to him was unfair and lacking in transparency.

In defending his reason for making the matter public, Wong Chen insisted that he had repeatedly written to the state government over the matter but did not get a response.

I'm gonna f**k him up kaukau


For more on Wong Chen's frustration with his OWN party and state government, read FMT's PKR MP tells Azmin: If you were in my shoes, you’d understand, in which Wong Chen said 400 single mothers and abandoned old people in his Kelana Jaya constituency were affected by the Selangor state government's decision to freeze his welfare account after a 'non-transparent' audit.

Ooops, as usual I have wandered off. let's get back to Dr Bari's candidacy in Perak.

I am not sure who/what is this JABAT NGO, but I would not be surprised it's one of pre-election 'dirty tricks' campaign to kow-tim Dr Bari, though as mentioned, I do not know who has prompted JABAT, wakakaka.

If JABAT is BN-friendly, then f**k it. But if JABAT is friendly to a member of Pakatan Harapan, let's see how the DAP will react, wakakaka.

Zaid - new target for the Hell-Hounds

FMT - Zaid: I’m not angry, just disappointed with ‘arrogant’ DAP leaders (extracts):

Summary - The DAP member reveals the communication between him and the party over the possibility of contesting a seat in GE14 and his unhappiness over the DAP leadership's attitude.

Zaid said he had been offered the Gelang Patah seat 12 months ago by DAP, but that three months later he was told the offer was “conditional on something else”. He did not say what the condition was.

“It was later withdrawn. Then a second-liner in the DAP leadership told me that I could go to Bentong if I was interested. I said it was not a constituency that was suitable for me. I am not a giant killer and have limited resources since I have been unemployed for the last eight years.

“There was total silence on the subject of the election and seat allocation in the last six months. In fact, I was not very involved in the party’s activities.

When I sent a text message on March 27 this year to the party’s key men to ask if there would be any seat for me to contest. I was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. So it’s not the issue of not having a seat that bothered me, but the attitude that was shown.”

Using what happened to him as an example, Zaid extrapolated that what was lacking in the Malay-Chinese relationship at the political level was the right balance of civility and respect.

death of courtesy 

“The problem with MCA was that they became too compliant and submissive in their relationship with Umno, and that’s why they lost the support of the Chinese. I am now equally convinced that the arrogance of the DAP leadership will never secure them deep Malay support. Somewhere in between lies the right balance that I was trying to find.

“Anyway, I hope DAP leaders do not try to prolong this matter and stop telling people that I was offered a seat which I then refused.” Zaid said he, too, would not broach this subject again, adding the important thing was for solidarity to ensure victory for the opposition.

That missing courtesy, also seen in the obvious marginalisation of Dr Tan Seng Giaw on the night Lim Guan Eng announced the DAP candidates for Selangor, has been a wretched behavior in the current DAP leadership.

the party victim

the party running dog is someone consorting with Mahathir

It smacks of, as Zaid mentioned, arrogance and also what I have noticed, a biadab-ish dismissal of those members perceived (by the current leaders) as "useless" party-junks.

It's not just piss-poor Chinese-Malay relationship or the cultural difference. Lack of courtesy is recognised adversely for its abysmal characteristics in most culture, though it has to be said Asians are more expected to show exemplary courtesy as a result of their traditional cultural-valued upbringing.

Throughout history, Chinese have been known and admired for extending exemplary courtesy even to their enemies. I believe the Western word for it is called 'chivalry'. But that's in Chinese history, the type of value-system that a person like Koh Tsu Koon grew up with but most probably not so for Tony Pua.

DAP's current leadership has unfortunately not been an example of the best of Chinese-Asian traditions or culture - see my post un-Chinese Tony Pua.

Replying to a query by a party member is expected and shouldn't be ignored because that would signal bad manners, arrogance and poor upbringing, a drastic insult to our ancestors.

With such revelation, though not the party confidential information has not been completely exposed, I believe it is the end of the road for Zaid's career in the DAP.

But it'll be the beginning of attacks on him by the Hell-Hounds which feral obnoxious creatures will relish savaging, vilifying and abusing him.

WTF is PAS contesting in Sungai Pinang, Penang?

MM Online - PAS makes Sungai Pinang four-way fight (extracts):

SEBERANG PERAI, April 20 ― Penang PAS said it will contest in the Sungai Pinang state seat last night, joining DAP, Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Gerakan and Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) in the race.

Penang PAS state commissioner Fauzi Yusoff, who announced the Islamist party’s list of candidates in Penang, said this is the one seat in Penang that PAS will try to snatch from former ally DAP. [...]

Sungai Pinang's voters are about 31 per cent Malay while the balance are ethnic Chinese (54 per cent) and ethnic Indians (14 per cent) voters ...

white section south of Georgetown city 

The Sungai Pinang seat under the Jelutong parliamentary constituency previously saw a three-corner fight between DAP, Gerakan and an independent candidate in 2013 but DAP incumbent Lim Siew Khim defended the seat with a 4,707-vote majority.

Now, PAS is not only going up against DAP but also incumbent Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu, who is contesting under PSM's banner, and Gerakan, making it a four-corner fight for the urban seat that is located very near to George Town.

There is also talk that state Gerakan chairman and Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow will also contest here.

Teng Chang Yeow

In 2013 DAP's Lim Siew Kim won with a 4.7K majority out of a state constituency of almost 24K, but then there was presumably PAS support for DAP via Pakatan Rakyat. This time there won't be any.

Lim Siew Kim

very Penang-ish name

But I wonder WTF PAS wants to contest there when the Sungai Pinang demographics shows a 54% Chinese: 31% Malay: 14% Indian composition.

We Malaysians are all inherently racist when it comes to politics. as well as nons being f**king fearful of PAS' hudud intention. Thus I'll be a monkey's uncle if the Islamic Party can win in Sungai Pinang. It's obvious no Chinese nor Indian will want to vote for the Moon Party because of its scimitar-threat.

If PAS siphons off the 31% Malay voters, I feel it may f**k up both DAP and BN, but more on the latter, with probably only PSM benefiting, though to what extent it's difficult to say.

The Sungai Pinang state constituency is embraced by the Jelutong federal parliamentary constituency, where my blogging matey Jeff Ooi, MP for Jelutong, has had a wee 'kucing kurap' saga associated with him in November 2013, which might turn Malays against the DAP party, wakakaka.

Jeff Ooi 

As late as 4 days ago, Jeff is still uncertain whether he'll be pick to stand in Jelutong this term (GE14) - see Star Online's Jeff Ooi: I still have four projects to finish. Hope he makes it.

This may possibly advantage Sungai Pinang hometown boy Teh Yee Cheu, who left his former constituency Tanjong Bungah after he exited the DAP in acrimony. Besides, the PSM brand may possibly attract the 14% Indian votes.

Teh Yee Cheu 

Teh has been mucho vociferous on environmental issues such as hill slope development, sea reclamation, flooding and high-density mega projects. I wonder whether these issues may appeal to his Jelutong hometown residents, though their experience of the recent humongous flood might find sympathy with Teh's stand?

However, notwithstanding the Indian votes, the PSM brand is pretty new in Penang whereas the PRM brand (goo t'au tong) is more recognisable by older Islanders. I wonder why Teh did not go for the other socialist party which is actually based in Penang.

goo t'au tong (parti kepala lembu)

Parti Rayat Malaysia

But PAS entry into the contest makes one wonder why when it's unlikely to win nor benefit BN, nor will it disadvantage DAP?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Caretaker government?

MM Online - BN approves allocation of RM90.5m for additional building at Segamat hospital (extracts):

Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the construction of the building was to cater for the needs of the hospital which was now offering 18 areas of specialty to members of the public. ― Picture by Shafwan Zaidon

SEGAMAT, April 19 ― The Barisan Nasional (BN)-led government has approved an allocation of RM90.5 million to build a new building at the Segamat Specialist Hospital.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the construction of the building was to cater for the needs of the hospital which was now offering 18 areas of specialty to members of the public.

Wait a ding dong minute, can a 'caretaker' government approve such an allocation?

It's convention that a 'caretaker' government ... will avoid entering major contracts or undertakings during the caretaker period.

If it is not possible to defer the commitment until after the caretaker period, for legal, commercial or other reasons, a minister could consult the Opposition, or agencies could deal with the contractor and ensure that contracts include clauses providing for termination in the event of an incoming government not wishing to proceed. Similar provisions cover tendering.

Since parliament has been dissolved on 07 April 2018 by consent of HM the Agong, and today being the 19th April 2018, the 'caretaker' government must abide by prescribed conventions.

PSM pissing into the wind

FMT - We'll back you but don’t come to our areas, PSM tells PH:

Wakakaka. But I am a bit shocked that PSM would say words like "our areas". Though as an innate socialist myself and thus quite sympathetic to PSM, I believe the party might have been a bit presumptuous. PSM is actually in no position to make such a territorial statement. It'll be like pissing into the wind.

Yes, PSM through Dr Michael Jeyakumar has often called on Pakatan, specifically the DAP, not to contest in the Sungai Siput federal seat because a 3-corner fight will invariably 'bestow' the seat to the BN. He has been right and I support his continuing fight to remain as MP for Sungai Siput.

But then, when PSM puts up candidates in DAP held seats in what would inevitably be losing contests for PSM but which process will bring about 3-corner fights, taking away votes the DAP otherwise would have won, I couldn't but feel PSM speaks geese as in 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander'.

Would that not be the double standard of PSM? It reminds me of my cousin who in our schoolie days would beg me not to sapu his GF but who would have no compunction in sapu-ing mine, wakakaka (Bastard, he always did succeed .. sob sob sob).

But the PSM could be said to be worse, in that it targets mainly seats held by DAP Indian representatives. Why?

Is the PSM after all an Indian party when I have been defending its multiracial characteristics?

know the Malaysian story of crabs in a basket?

Take for example Jelapang. I have often lamented the obvious objectionable obduracy of PSM in standing poor sweetie M Sarasvathy there a third time despite her 2 previous disasters. I'll just cut & paste my earlier post on Jelapang, as follows:

PSM lost in Jelapang Perak twice to DAP. It did not even gain second position, when in 2013 in a 3-cornered fight it was thrashed kau kau by BOTH DAP and BN.

Despite its severe thrashing, PSM has again staked its intentions to contest in, would you believe it, Jelapang, apart from some other Perak seats.

Apart from PSM's masochistic behaviour, could you blame Nga Kor Ming (DAP), much as I dislike the once-Quran pontificating man, for playing tit-for-tat with PSM by DAP contesting in Sungai Siput?

Dr Jeya's argument is that Pakatan's hold on its 2013 (also 2008) won-seats has left PSM with little options, in short, Dr Jeya wants Pakatan (whether DAP, PKR etc) to move aside for PSM. But the sad fact is no one will move aside for PSM.

OK, let's examine PSM contest in Jelapang in 2013 and PSM's then-demand that DAP gave way, despite the state constituency being a DAP stronghold.

The ethnic ratio in Jelapang was 7% Malays: 68% Chinese: 25% Indians and these wouldn't have changed much even now, unless new army camps have sprung up there, wakakaka. I doubt BN would bother in Jelapang.

A 25% Indian votes could be considered a typical reasonable constituency for PSM, which in the final analysis showed(s) PSM was/is just an Indian-majority party. Maybe that's why PSM is hitting DAP Indian contested seats.

But Jelapang is only viable for PSM if the party could secure more Malay and Chinese support, say at least 15% from each. I believe most Malays are repulsed by PSM's socialist character and its logo which shows semblance to communist-type or revolutionary-type parties.


But with the DAP contesting there, how will PSM chip away at the almost 70% Chinese vote-base?

One could argue that the DAP should now 'give' that seat to compatriot PSM but alas, in the 2013 general election the 3-corner fight showed PSM came out last, yes, bloody last, even losing to the BN candidate.

While the DAP candidate, Teh Hock Ke, won 68.9% of the votes and BN 18.9%, Sarasvathy Muthu (Saras) of PSM could only secure 10.4%.

For all her party's Indian-ness, Saras couldn't even marshal together a decent proportion of the 25% Indian votes in Jelapang, yet PSM obdurately stood her in a DAP stronghold. Yes, PSM has been known to stubborn at times, but only to its great disadvantage.

If DAP had given that seat to PSM (as it nearly did to PKR in Batu Kitang in Sarawak), the BN candidate would have laughed his way to the Perak DUN.

Really, the PSM should realise it's too small a party to be allied to any coalition and therefore should consider joining either PKR or the DAP as there is no more room for small boutique parties such as has PSM or even PRM.