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Two grumpy old men

FMT on whether the Mahathir-DAP love affair will last:

Former PM Mahathir Mohamad’s appearance at the DAP convention on Sunday gave a fitting end to 2016, a year filled with political turmoil. It marked a complete about-face for the Umno veteran. However, it was a move that was not completely out of character for Mahathir, given his penchant for political histrionics.

The questions now, as raised at the convention by now-former DAP member Shamsher Singh, are: What are DAP and Mahathir up to, and is the quest to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak worth an alliance between two formerly bitter rivals?

DAP’s decision to forge an alliance with Mahathir’s new party, PPBM, seems to fly in the face of its decades-long struggle against the government. Even as an ex-Umno man, Mahathir is a perfect representative of everything the Umno-led government stands for: immovably Malay, stubbornly authoritarian. His mingling with civil rights activists and opposition politicians isn’t going to shake his long history of iron-fisted politicking.

Many observers must have dismissed his glowing words about DAP as facetious. The more he praises his former enemy’s “multiracialism”, the more his intentions are suspect. Commendable as its efforts at multiracialism are, DAP’s public identity remains entrenched in Chinese sentiment. So far, about the only voices of caution have come from the party’s non-Chinese members; besides Shamsher, Sangeet Kaur Deo also cautioned the party, albeit in a less explosive fashion, to be wary of PPBM.

We all know about Mahathir's intention. He wants to protect his ménage at all cost, hence even sucking up to his erstwhile political foe would be a sap-sap-suoi (kacang putih) matter.

I suspect he will even do a Faustian Pact to perpetuate his Maha-Kim Dynasty, let alone bodek what has been known in Malay or UMNO circle as the Chinese Iblis, namely, DAP.

But what about the DAP?

Last month I posted Incongruous alliances in which I wrote (extracts):

... time appears to be running out for the older generation of politicians, though I have heard Mahathir's family has longevity genes which means he will be with us until he's 108 (Chinese auspicious number for someone who dislikes Chinese, wakakaka), perhaps even out-living Najib, wakakaka.

So it's understandable if these elderly pollies get more and more impatient and thus are more willing to form silly and most incongruous alliances to gain the power they want urgently in their life-time, like ultra Melayu semi-Islamic Pribumi (whose leaders do not like Chinese) with secular socialist democrat DAP, when Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang used to tear viciously at each other, wakakaka.

While the DAP, like any political party in federal opposition wants to do, ie., to change the ruling party and thus change the government of the day through elections, I suspect an added factor driving Lim Kit Siang obscenely pell-mell into an incongruous alliance with Mahathir of Pribumi (which name of his new party alone should offend any non-Malay, to add on to Mahathir's known anti-Chinese mentality) is his age (LKS' age, that is).

LKS is already 75, and while he appears well and hearty, missing the coming opportunity in GE-14 (maybe next year) to change the ruling party via the polls will mean he won't be able to realize the acme of his political strife until 2022 when he reaches the age of 81.

Thus time is not on his side. Unlike Mahathir who struggles ferociously, reputedly, for his descendants, LKS struggles hard for his party's objectives, though whatever these are by now I'm not sure anymore, not with LKS' questionable political alliance with Pribumi.

If you have been following his son's public statements prior to the current flirtation between Mahathir and DAP, you would remember that Guan Eng had been more cautious, circumspect and quite reserved in any political relationship with Mahathir.

But as a son, a Chinese son, Guan Eng has had no choice but to back his father's open intention to ally with Mahathir (come hell or high water) in the recent DAP convention. It would have been unfilial of him as a son not to do so, and a political weapon for the BN if there had been a split in the House of Lim on LKS' lustful Maddy affair.

It's not unlike a wonderful humanitarian advocate like Marina Mahathir supporting her father, the draconian Mahathir or that of sweetie Nurul supporting her convict dad.

But there are forces in the DAP which frown on any unjustified alliance with Mahathir, such as Ramkarpal Singh Deo (son of the late Karpal Singh).

In April last year (2015) the now-defunct TMI published a news report titled Working with Dr M to remove PM will be a ‘disaster’, Pakatan told.

plus Maria, wakakaka 

In that report we read Ramkarpal's opinion on working with Mahathir (extracts):

“The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen.

“There can be no doubt that Malaysia needs to be saved. While I agree that Najib ought to go, I cannot agree with the means by which Dr Mahathir proposes to do so,” Ramkarpal said in a statement here.

“Asserting pressure on a democratically elected prime minister to step down cannot be democratic and it is high time that Pakatan Rakyat come together at this very critical time against Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN),” the DAP MP added.

Ramkarpal said that working with Dr Mahathir would mean that PR would just be maintaining the status quo and allow “corruption to continue”.

“I am firmly of the view that saving Malaysia can only mean a new clean, accountable and transparent government."

“Pakatan Rakyat must live up to its promise to Malaysians of being that alternative and democratically oust Najib and the BN through the ballot box,” Ramkarpal stressed.

There wasn't any doubt about Ramkarpal's extremely poor opinion of Mahathir, but alas, LKS has pressed on heedlessly.

And that has compelled Ramkarpal's sister, Sangeet Kaur Deo, to state during debates at the DAP national conference (via MM Online):

“I want to clarify at this stage that it was interesting to see Tun Mahathir in support of Maria’s release when it was him that was instrumental in the cruel enforcement of the ISA.” 

Hasn't she been delightfully sarcastic about Mahathir's all-too-apparent hypocrisy? She ought to know how evil Mahathir had been when it was his regime that incarcerated her father Karpal Singh three times, in 1987, 1989 and 2000.

In the 2000 arrest, Wikipedia states Karpal Singh ...

... was charged for making seditious remarks in court during Anwar's first corruption trial. This was the only known charge of sedition in any country in the Commonwealth of nations brought against a lawyer for remarks made in court in defence of a client.

T'was a period in time when Malaysia was ruled by the iron fist of a PM named Mahathir. And ironically LKS was also detained in Ops Lalang, thanks to that same Mahathir draconian regime.

SIRIM should grade Mahathir's current hypocrisy as 101% bullshit with the potential to metamorphose into anti Chinese venom.

Continuing with Sangeet's statement, “Now I strongly urge the leaders of DAP to be very mindful when we choose our allies. Yes, there are no permanent friends, there are no permanent enemies, but there must be permanent principles. And when we choose our allies, we must be sure that their principles are genuinely in line with ours.”

What Sangeet Kaur said, obviously referring to Mahathir, has been exactly in line with her brother Ramkarpal, namely, that Mahathir's principles (or lack of) aren't those of the DAP.

And may I add in conclusion, nor those of LKS, given his current nyanyok mentality and heedless rush into an unholy alliance with Mahathir, which has turned him sadly from being my hero to being a big bloody zero.

I excuse him on my belief it's his age and associated anxious desire to finish with and on a glorious chapter to his almost half a century of political struggle, since 1969.

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Deadly JAIS

From Star Online on how a policeman died and another seriously injured by & from fear of JAIS raids:

KUALA LUMPUR: A policeman died while another was seriously injured after they attempted to evade detection during early morning anti-vice raids in two separate locations.

During the first incident, several Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officers raided a fourth-floor apartment unit in Pandan Perdana at about 3am Tuesday and discovered a woman alone in one of the rooms with the window opened.

Upon looking out the window, the officers discovered a man, lying facedown on the ground floor of the apartment.

It is believed that the woman confessed that the man was her lover and he had opted to jump out the window to escape being caught by the Jais officers for khalwat (close proximity).

The policeman was rushed to the Ampang Hospital but died at about 6.45am while receiving treatment.

In the second incident, another policeman, suffered injuries after he too jumped out of an apartment unit in Taman Puchong Perdana and he is in critical condition.

When contacted, Jais director Datuk Haris Kasim confirmed the incidents.

Such had been the fear of being caught and suffer social embarrassment, public humiliation and possibly loss of jobs, etc, that the two policemen foolishly took dangerous paths in attempts to escape the morality 'police' but alas, both were sadly and fatally unsuccessful.

Caught in khalwat but ...

From FMT about a Muslim and a non Muslim being caught in bed:

PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional must clearly state whether shariah enforcement officers can arrest and detain non-Muslims during a raid before agreeing to amend Act 355 to strengthen the powers of shariah courts.

MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker asked what would happen to a non-Muslim who sold alcohol to a Muslim.

“Will he be fined?

On above matter, when I was a kid, there was (maybe is still there) a kopitiam which had two serving areas, one in the front hall like other kopitiams and opened to as well as obviously visual to the public, and another at the back, with its location not apparent nor visible to the public, or for that matter unknown to customers save 'exclusive' members.

The private (very very private) section at the back was where local young Muslims (ages between 21 to 30, with the leader at 45 years old), after a hard day's work, "restored" their fatigued bodies with aw-kau or 'black-sausage' with its putative medicinal rejuvenative, restorative and recuperative properties.

The local cops knew of that place but chose to be discreet. Besides, the 45-year old Pak Cik was reputed to be the head of that gang of Malay weight-lifters in Ayer Itam and also unofficial penghulu who (rather than the officially appointed penghulu) the Ayer Itam Chinese and Indians went to whenever there was trouble brewing between Malay and Chinese or Indian youths.

Thus the middle-age Pak Cik had local (unofficial) VIP status and was not someone to embarrass nor to humiliate, even by cops.

But my FB matey Ti asked a very good question - had RU355 existed then, would that kopitiam owner be arrested and fined by JAIPP for selling aw-kau (sorry, I mean 'black sausages') to Pak Cik and gang?

Then Ti asked the question we find far more interesting than above, but first, to paraphrase Matthew 4:4 (with respect to Christian friends) 'It is written, Man shall not live by aw-kau alone, but by every woman that proceedeth out of the ribs of Adam'.


Ti asked:

“What happens when a Muslim man is nabbed in bed with a non-Muslim woman? What happens to her then?”

Mind, I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed by Ti's somewhat lack of assertive optimism, because he should have asked:

“What happens when a non-Muslim man is nabbed in bed with a Muslim woman? What happens to him then?”


FMT continued as follows:

Ti, who is the party’s religious harmony bureau chairman, pointed out that the prime minister had repeatedly assured non-Muslims that the proposed amendments to Act 355 — or the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 — would not affect them and they would not be applied to non-Muslims.

“Can we assume that shariah laws will not be applicable to non-Muslims if they are a party to the offences, either as a victim or as an offender?”

Under the proposed amendments, penalties for offences such as pre-marital sex, intoxication and falsely accusing a person of illicit sex (zina) will be increased.

Now, I know most Muslims will be outraged by double standards, where a Chinese man will get away with khalwat whilst his Muslim sweetie will be punished, with increased and severe penalties if RUU355 is passed by parliament.

Even the highly regarded Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin had voiced his likewise opinion on this more than two years ago, which was reported by MM Online as follows:

SHAH ALAM, May 7 — Non-Muslims should not be exempted from severe hudud punishments if the controversial Islamic penal law is implemented in Malaysia, religious scholars suggested in a forum discussing the issue today.

According to the panellists, exempting non-Muslims from punishments prescribed for Muslims would create an unjust system, which would disturb the peace, ultimately defeating the original purpose of hudud itself.

“Should Ah Chong get a lighter punishment than Ahmad, although they both committed the same crime? Where is the justice?” said prominent religious cleric Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin.

“I differ from Kelantan’s enactment. I agree with Brunei … we have to prescribe the punishments to all.”

The tiny, oil-rich nation of Brunei passed hudud laws last year and will begin enforcement from this year.

“Even non-Muslims must also get hudud punishments like Muslims … Hudud is meant to keep the peace. How can you keep the peace if non-Muslims can choose their punishments?” said Dr Mushaddad Abdullah, from Putrajaya-backed Institut Wasatiyyah Malaysia.

Mushaddad claimed that if criminals were given a choice, even a Muslim criminal would profess to be a non-Muslim to escape hudud punishments.

Indeed. But since the non-Muslim Chinese do not want hudud (or full syariah) then wouldn't and shouldn't RUU355 be abandoned? Purely to keep the peace, which hudud has been meant to achieve.


I'm Chinese; will I be arrested? 

Cinapeks M.I.A

FMT on the anti Lim Guan Eng campaign by UMNO macai:

GEORGE TOWN: A group of protesters gathered outside the High Court in Light Street here today demanding Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng step down, just as the case management for the latter’s corruption case is taking place.

Screaming “Hidup YB Chow!”, some 50 people held placards demanding Lim be replaced by state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow.

Leading the protests were Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang secretary Muhsin Lateef.

Mushin said Chow is a better pick as CM, as he was more approachable and “the saviour of Penangites”.

Lots of bullshit by bullshitters.

Who is Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang?

Well, read MM Online of 01 Oct which reported on an anti Penang (Pakatan) government campaign as follows (note what I've highlighted):

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 1 — Rumours have started circulating online that there will be a “red rally” outside the Penang government administrative headquarters in Komtar tomorrow, a day after Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang posted a leaked proposal from the state mufti’s office to ban the use of loudspeakers in mosques and surau other than for the azan.

Titled “Himpunan Merah Pulau Pinang” or the Red Rally in Penang in English, the demonstration seeks to pressure the DAP-led state government into withdraw the ban, even though officials have clarified the state did not make the decision.

A poster promoting the event has been shared through popular smartphone texting platform, WhatsApp as well as making the rounds on Facebook, but the source and the organiser of the rally remains unknown.

When contacted, Penang Perkasa Youth Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin denied any knowledge of the supposed rally.

Mohd Rizuad, who is also a member of Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang, had previously led demonstrations against the Penang government on issues concerning Malay and Muslim rights. He was a leading figure in the “Allah” demonstration last year.

“We are not organizing any demonstrations tomorrow on this, I won’t be there,” he told Malay Mail Online.

In other words, there is a nexus between Perkasa and Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang, and now, with Ibrahim Ali playing astronaut, having abandoned the Maddy spaceship, also a nexus with UMNO.

F**king UMNO macai trouble-makers.

Those protesters s**king Chow's dick, no doubt with insincerity but nonetheless s**king him way kau kau beyond his balls wakakaka, are part of a continuing campaign against Lim Guan Eng.

The aim is to demonize DAP and consequentially the Chinese, in a sinister racist bid to marshal the Malays to support a besieged Najib and UMNO against the Yellow Peril.

And does anyone (other than green-eyed PKR monsters including uber anwarista Nathaniel Tan, wakakaka) believe such a group consider Chow Kon Yeow as their 'saviour'?

It's for sure the general and state elections are around the corner, hence such theatrics are ongoing bullshitting game, except alas, they couldn't get any Cinapeks to participate.

Even the bullshit call of "Hidup YB Chow, the saviour of Penang" would be too much for any MCA or Gerakan members to swallow, wakakaka.

Mind you, they should have tried Huan Cheng Guan of Parti Cinta Malaysia (formerly Gerakan, wakakaka).

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DOSH again

From Star Online (Monday, 5 December 2016 | MYT 4:18 PM):

Crane collapses at Bandar Damansara Perdana construction site

PETALING JAYA: A crane has collapsed at a Bandar Damansara Perdana construction site on Monday.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Mohd Sani Harul confirmed the incident, saying that the accident happened at a construction site located in front of the LHDN building at Empire Bandar Damansara Perdana.

He added that the department received the call at about 2pm.

“Five personnel were dispatched to the scene. No one was injured during the incident,” said Mohd Sani.

Earlier, an image of an overturned crane at a construction site in Damansara has been posted up on social media by a motorist.

"I was near the PJ Trade Centre. This was opposite the Trade Centre, across the highway. I believe that this is a new development," he said when contacted.

He verified that the image is real and said that he took the photo at about 2pm on Monday.

The image posted by the motorist shows a crane hanging upside down on a high-rise building, and it appears to be attached to the back of a trailer.

"Just moments ago, this crane overturned and is dangling precariously on the ledge of Empire Development. Doesn't look like anyone was in it, but no idea if anyone got hurt. Yet another example of construction mishaps," he wrote in the post.

Bangladeshis metamorphose into Cinapeks

MM Online - Mahathir warned 700,000 yellow peril voters 'imported' in GE-14:

JOHOR BARU, Dec 4 — The accusation by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that more than 700,000 Chinese nationals will be brought into Forest City does not make sense, said Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. 

He said it was made only as a provocation to scare Johoreans and as a tactic to see Johor fail to achieve its aspirations.

Mohamed Khaled said the Forest City project would take about 30 years and among the attractions of investment to Johor were the low cost of doing business and living compared to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

“After 30 years, maybe there will be 700,000 foreigners in Johor but it is unlikely all of them will be Chinese nationals,” he told reporters after closing the 2016 Goodwill Games of Air Biru Rukun Tetangga here today.

Dr Mahathir had claimed that the Chinese citizens would be given identity cards to enable them to vote in the coming general election.

I'ii be voting for dahleeeng kaytee


What a flabbergasting scare mongerer. And the hypocrisy of this old man is breathtaking, just having become a "friend(?)" of Lim Kit Siang, and now scaring the shits out of Malays that 700,000 Chinese will evolved from the '40,000 Bangladeshis' lurking in someone's pocket somewhere in Bamboo River to vote against Pribumi.

But why will those 700,000 Cinapeks, beautiful as some may be, vote against Pribumi when Maddy is already a "friend(?)" of LKS? Is kaytee responsible? Wakakaka.

Maybe it gave Maddy a chance to say his favourite saying "Apa Cina mahu lagi", wakakaka.

His dislike of Cinapeks seems to have re-emerged.

Saga of unwanted Rohingyas

In my previous post Rohingyas unwanted even by Bangladesh I discussed briefly their history (as East Bengali Muslims) of migration to Myanmar under encouragement from a British colonial government in India who won a war against the Burmese or Myanmarese. Mind, there were already East Bengali settlements even prior to that.

Today the Rohingyas face extreme and very violent pressure from Myanmarese to leave Rakhine State (called Arakan under the British colonial government) but also discover no other country wants them, not even their Motherland of Bangladesh or what used to be called (Eastern past of) Bengal and then, following independence from Britain, East Pakistan.

The Myanmarese hate them so much that even some Buddhist monks were reported to have protested in Yangon in front of the Malaysian Enbassy against PM Najib's participation in a demonstartion for the Rohingyas in KL.

This was flabbergasting because Buddhist monks who have taken vows of forsaking personal (including family), material and earthly issues should not participate in such political, national or whatever protests.

That those Myanmarese monks had done so, including an earlier reported incident of a Myanmarese monk unbelievably urging the killing of Rohingyas (an unmitigated shame in the shocked eyes of millions of Buddhists around the world) is an indication of the unlikelihood of any reconciliation ever between Myanmarese and Rohingyas - my earlier post Rohingyas unwanted even by Bangladesh explains the factors behind centuries of hatred between the two races.

The Rohingyas are thus forced to seek sanctuary in other countries. But countries not wanting "refugees" is now a universal trend, with the (possibly) sole exception of Germany's government (possibly only under Angela Merkel) which continues to accept refugees from the Middle-East - even the German public don't want them.

It could be said that Brexit, the British referendum on exit of Britain from the EU, had been motivated by British intent to close the door to the ever increasing wave of "refugees" especially from the Middle-East and to a smaller extent, East Europe.

Not all so-called "refugees" have been compelled by wars, persecutions, genocides or famines to run away from their places of domicile as would be the genuine refugee cases for the Khmers from genocide under the Pol Pot regime, southern Vietnamese from political persecution by North Vietnam after the Americans cabut-ed with their tails between their hind legs
, Hazaras from religious and ethnic persecution under the majority Pashtuns in Afghanistan.

For example, in Australia today, many have been questioning why the Sri Lankan Tamils, claiming to be "war refugees" running away from Sinhalese persecution, would prefer to sail 7,000 km across a dangerous ocean and some equally dangerous seas with possible encounters from 'pirates' and other perils on their way to Australia when their original Motherland of Tamil Nadu lies a mere 50 km across the Palk Straits, the narrow water body between Sri Lanka and the nearest Indian coastline.

The Tamil refugees had come up with preposterous excuses that the Sri Lankan Navy prevents them from sailing to India when the reality was/is the Sri Lankan Navy would be more than happy to facilitate any Tamil intention to sail out of Sri Lanka, whether across the Palk Straits or across the Indian Ocean to wherever.

Today they are called"economic refugees", migrants who are NOT refugees from war, who either don't qualify to enter Australia in the first place or who may qualify but want to jump the migration queue rather than wait for around 3 to 5 years (USA is 10 years) in their search for better economic lifestyle in Western nations like Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and Britain.

Malcolm Turnbull, PM of Australia, was reported to have announced plans to stop asylum seekers who have tried to come to Australia by boat - even those found to be refugees - from ever gaining entry into the country.

He said: "The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler - it is closed", and while he didn't mention it, he meant forevermore.

"Economic refugees" have been one of the principal causes for many nations slamming their doors shut to such so-called "refugees" seeking sanctuary. Australia

Other issues are the enormous cost to the host country, difficult social problems (as in African "refugees" in Australia allegedly taking to crimes, and alleged self-imposed ethnic ghetto-rization especially by some Muslim communities) and the threat to national security (allegedly by and from a small group of Muslims fanned by religious warmongering by a few ulamas, even in a liberal country like Australia - begs the question why they want to come to Australia if they want to live like Saudis or Iranians).

While Malaysia and indeed Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand should offer humanitarian aid, we cannot afford to keep offering perpetual sanctuary as we already have more than 50,000 Rohingya "refugees" among more than 135,475 Myanmarese refugees and asylum seekers.

UNHCR figures at end of October 2016 indicate there are some 150,669 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with the UN body in Malaysia. These are:

  • 135,475 are from Myanmar, comprising some 54,856 Rohingyas, 41,420 Chins (note: not China, wakakaka), 10,928 Myanmar Muslims, 5,221 Rakhines & Arakanese, and other ethnicities from Myanmar.
  • 15,194 refugees and asylum-seekers from other countries, including some 2,859 Sri Lankans, 2,692 Pakistanis, 1,809 Yemenis, 1,600 Somalis, 1,525 Syrians, 1,323 Iraqis, 841 Afghans, 633 Palestinians, and others from other countries.

Australia realizes this problem as (especially) Sri Lankan Tamils keep attempting a dangerous sea trek to the Promise Land Downunder, under the excuse of being war refugees. The issue of accepting Syrian refugees has also deeply worried the majority of Australians because of fear of possible infiltration by Islamist militants, thus the government has only accepted an intake limited to 2,000.

ethnic Syrians at a rally in support of refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney

Anyway, the issue of Rohingyas should rightfully be resolved among Bangladesh (where they best fit in socio-ethnically, but alas Bangladesh does not want them), Myanmar (which definitely does not want them and doesn't care what thw world thinks) and Britain who was the original promoter of East Bengali Muslim migration into Rakhine (previously called Arakan) and who could and should finance some sort of deal with Bangladesh and Myanmar for migration back to and settlement in Bangladesh.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Mahathir's American lobbyist

FMT - Mahathir asking why PM Najib would demonstrate:

SHAH ALAM: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad questioned why Prime Minister Najib Razak was resorting to demonstrating for the Rohingya when he had the authority to settle their problems more diplomatically.

“When I was PM and Aung (Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi) got arrested, I wrote a letter and sent someone to meet her.

“I personally met with an envoy from Myanmar and brought him to show how democracy can work because at that level we don’t have to resort to demonstrations,” he said at a press conference in conjunction with the DAP national conference here today.

He said demonstrations were reserved for those who were against the government, not for the government itself.

Well Maddy, your erstwhile mentor student and now archenemy did it for domestic consumption. Ah Jib Gor is so cunning that while he won't act officially to criticize Myanmar he joined the demonstration to appease local Muslims, wakakaka.

Yes Maddy, general election is just around the corner, wakakaka.

In a way Najib is unlike Maddy who offended foreign governments to show locals what a hero he was but behind the scene would pay American lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, handsomely (reported to be RM1.6 million) to have a chitchat with George Bush.

SMH reported that Abramoff is an Orthodox Jew and avid supporter of Israel, and was then asked whether he was comfortable representing Malaysia led by Mahathir, a man known for anti-Semitic comments.

Abramoff responded: "They pay their bills on time."

Wakakaka, what a bloody hypocrite Maddy was.

Lina Soo talking ayam

FMT - why the party president of S.T.A.R talks ayam:

in Sarawak 

in Peninsula 

KUCHING: The DAP is “stupid” to have made an enemy of PAS since it will likely result in Pakatan Harapan, the coalition to which they belong, losing seats that the Islamist party helped them win in previous general elections.

In an interview with FMT, state Reform party president Lina Soo said, “By going at loggerheads with PAS, Pakatan (Harapan) will lose seats where DAP had been dependent upon the goodwill of PAS members to win.”

She also said Umno was courting PAS because the ruling party knew it was the latter that could provide the “numerical support the Pakatan political machinery needed” to win

“This is why the opposition all along needed PAS to win Putrajaya. DAP is stupid to have made an enemy out of PAS.

By the way, S.T.A.R stands for State Reform Party, a Sarawak based party whose current president is Lina Soo.

No, it's not the DAP which had been stupid to break off for good with PAS. It's Lina Soo for saying so.

Obviously Lina Soo did not know what happened in 1999 to Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, the two top DAP leaders and icons.

Both were booted out of their parliamentary constituencies by Chinese voters, yes booted out in the 1999 general elections, meaning both did NOT make it into federal parliament as MPs for the first time since 1969 and 1978 respectively.


Because the Chinese voters in their respective constituencies wanted to teach them a lesson kau kau for politically 'slutting' with a religiously fanatical PAS in a loose coalition called Barisan Alternatif, an Islamist Party which repulsed and terrified non-Muslims.

OK, in 2008 and 2013, the non-Muslim Chinese and Indian voters were so fed up with BN that they contained their intrinsic fear of PAS and tolerated the coalition Pakatan Rakyat which brought back PAS and DAP again, under Anwar Ibrahim's leadership.

Sadly, PAS mistook that for non-Muslim Chinese and Indians accepting the Islamic Party and its Middle-East fire and brimstone policy.

But precisely because of mistaking the Chinese/Indian acceptance of Pakatan Rakyat as equivalent to accepting PAS Islamic proclivities rather than realizing the truth of Pakatan being a better alternative to BN at that stage, PAS became so arrogant that it could not help reverting to its intrinsic instinct and to re-start its politico-religious intent for Malaysia.

Yes, it had become arrogant by its reasonably big victories (for itself) in 2008 and 2013 with unheard of non-Muslim Chinese support (with DAP's help and sponsorship), and that arrogance coupled with future futuristic forecast of huge wins in the 14th GE of some 60+ federal seats which have mixed ethnic ratios of approximate 65:35 Malay:Chinese voters (Mahathir's erstwhile fixed deposits but with DAP's sponsorship, assured wins for PAS), it thought it would be the primus inter pares in the Pakatan Rakyat government after GE-14, forgetting that all was contingent on continuing DAP's sponsorship of PAS candidates.

Thus it began to (politically) masturbate in anticipation of forming federal government probably with Pak Haji Hadi Awang as PM and then implementing full syariah laws complete with hudud to replace the secular civil legal system (which was why it had then begun questioning Anwar's suitability and character to be PM).

I recall 1999 when PAS hijacked the growing public support for Dr Wan Azizah because of spreading sympathy for a then heroic wife fighting for her incarcerated husband.

But PAS, as usual in its premature ejaculations when it wallowed in the deception of conditional-victory, revealed its true ugly self, all complete with fangs, claws and scales, and the losses for DAP were disastrously humongous, with the booting out of Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, DAP icons they might have been.

Why would not such a painful experience for DAP teach the party a lesson that when PAS began to repulsed non-Muslim voters by its arrogance, it was time for the Rocket Party to say goodbye to the Islamists or to suffer again the same fate of 1999.

Lina Soo should learn her political history and stop talking ayam.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Malays living in sins

MM online on how Malays have been living in continuous sin and requires syariah help:

which way to Terengganu? 

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 — A Terengganu Umno delegate claimed today that non-Muslims opposed a Bill to enhance the Shariah courts’ punitive powers because they desired the Malay-Muslim community to continue “living in sin”.

“When the non-Muslim Opposition opposes the upgrade of the punishments, they see that as an opportunity to let Malays to continue living in sin, then they can take over.

“If we let the Bill be passed, they [Malays] will revert to the true teaching of Islam,” [...]

Mohd Iskandar said further that current punishments were insufficient to curb social problems among the Malays.

As an example, he said there were 153,000 babies born out of wedlock to Muslim parents.

“They are afraid that if the punishments are upgraded, Muslims will be protected from making mistakes,” he said.

What our dear Mohd Iskandar is saying is Malays have hitherto been sinning like crazy, and that only severe syariah-hudud punishment like 100 lashes of flogging can bring their sinister sinful sinning 'URGES' under control.

If not, there will be more babies born out of wedlock.

[... and all the while I thought babies born out of wedlock only occurs 9 months after St Valentine's Day or after New Year's Eve celebrations or after a Selena Gomez concert - without realizing Muslims, according to Terengganu UMNO delegate Mohd Iskandar, live continuously in sin and f**k like rabbits (ooopsy rabbits aren't halal, thus I mean 'sausages') - WTF do I know anyway, being not a Muslim]

On top of that, in Terengganu where our dear Mohd Iskandar hails from, there have been seveal cases of incests where sinister sinful sinning 'fathers' f**ked their own underage daughters for years until the lil' girls become of age, with some even f**king the poor girls past the sweeties' 21 years old. Sometimes, those poor abused girls' own brothers also joined in the intra-family f**king.

Strange the average 'nons' don't require syariah laws to avoid sins.

Rohingyas unwanted even by Bangladesh

The Rohingya people were East Bengalis (Bangladeshis today) who were encouraged to migrate into Arakan region (now called Rakhine State) in Myanmar by the British after the First Anglo-Burmese war in 1826.

However there have been claims, mainly by Rohingya scholars, there were already Rohingya presence in Arakan (Rakhine) as far back as 100 years before the First Anglo-Burmese war (16th Century).

Be that as it might have been, today the Myanmarese do not want the Rohingyas, I believe for three reasons, namely:

(a) though the Rohingyas have been highly persecuted today they in turn were not exactly 'angels' in Myanmar, having been quite racially arrogant and ethnically aggressive to the Myanmarese in Rakhine State, ill treating the Myanmar indigenes,

(b) the Rohingyas are Muslims living in a predominantly Buddhist country, and history saw them giving their loyalty to what was East Pakistan (Bangladesh today), with Rohingya leaders asking Ali Jinnah in the 1940's to incorporate Arakan State into Pakistan.

When Ali Jinnah refused to interfere in Burmese affairs, the Rohingyas then attempted to secede from then-Burma to form their own Islamic State, hence

(c) the Rohingyas were never loyal to Myanmar and that feeling of alienation has been reciprocated by the Myanmarese.

As a matter of fact, the term Rohingyas has been a continuation of an older term 'Rooinga', an attempt by the Muslim Bangladeshis to establish a distinct identity for themselves and to also identify themselves as indigenous to Rakhine State.

Today everyone knows Myanmar wants all of them out a la ethnic cleansing and would you believe it, Bangladesh does NOT want them too.

They are hoping Malaysia accepts them as good Islamists (which they indeed are, Islamists that is, but whether they are 'good' or not is unknown).

Since both Myanmar and Bangladesh do not want them, and they are good ultra conservative Islamists, I would recommend they migrate to Islamist countries with syariah-hudud laws or syariah-hudud practice such as (i) Aceh, (ii) Mindanao, (iii) Pakistan (whoa, we don't want the Pakis to commit genocide, do we) Saudi Arabia, (iv) Sudan, (v) Somalia, (vi) Brunei, etc etc etc, ...

... failing which (and I doubt any of the named countries will accept them) they should migrate to Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe and Britain. But please count today's USA out.

I believe Britain should be the country to accept Rohingyas as the British created the problem, though it has to be admitted the Islamic bent and intent of the East Bengalis and now Rohingyas added on to the British initiated problem. Is there a Rohingya-ish lesson here for Chinese and Indian Malaysians? Wakakaka.

There are approximately 1.3 million Rohingyas in Myanmar. As Bangladeshis in reality they can possibly provide votes for Bangladeshi-loving Malaysian political parties like KIMMA, UMNO and PKR, though I suspect if they are allowed into Malaysia to eventually become citizens they will vote for PAS.