Friday, October 21, 2016

Separation of State and Church must be enforced


Malacca and Johor Catholic Diocese Bishop Bernard Paul, who came under fire for urging people via Facebook to join the Bersih 5 rally, has vowed to be among the participants on Nov 19.

The bishop in fact had joined the Bersih 4 last year in Penang in his personal capacity.

"I am intending to (join the Bersih 5 rally), I have to take up my commitments," he told Malaysiakini.

It's bad enough having Islamic clerics intruding into our politics, but now even the RC bishop wants to play in the game too. Podah.

Keep the priests of all religions out of politics.

The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

- Arthur S Clarke (1990)

PAS refuses to topple Najib?

From FMT:

PAS: We will not work with others to topple Najib

KOTA BARU: New PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin has made it clear that the Islamist party will not collaborate with anyone aiming to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

In his maiden speech in Kota Baru last night, Hashim pointed out that such attempts in the past have failed.

“There is a new party who recently invited us to unite and ensure straight fights with the Barisan Nasional ” he said, alluding to overtures by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) president Muhyiddin Yassin.

At a function in Shah Alam last week, PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the only way to defeat the ruling coalition was to contest under “one symbol, one manifesto and one candidate”.

Hashim stressed PAS would not cooperate with others just to topple a government or to replace a prime minister as this would not benefit him or the party.

Ya, yang amat alim, terima kasih, wakakaka.

As for Pribumi:

aiyah Tun, jangan sedih

PAS is just getting back at you

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will CIA oust Duterte?

From the Star Online (brief extract only):

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his "separation" from the United States on Thursday, declaring that it had "lost" and he had realigned with China as the two agreed to resolve their South China Sea dispute through talks.

Once a colony of the USA and oppressed by that same so-called Leader of the Free World, the Philippines has been used kau kau for eons by the Yanks, as the latter had used others (eg. Thailand, Taiwan, S. Vietnam, etc) kau kau for its own interests.

Thus I am not surprised that Duterte has jumped ship when the USA has not helped the Pinoys since the Yanks were kicked out of Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Station.

The Yanks had left behind only chaos and disruptions in Filipino social lives, VD, Aids and an arrogant two-fingers to local justice system as it protected its soldiers, sailors and airmen from being changed for rapes, murders, manslaughters, assaults and other crimes.

It did and still does these in every country it has stations and bases in, like Japan, South Korea, Italy, and even Australia, etc.

Clark Air Base

urthermore, Duterte might have sensed the Americans were batu-api-ing the regional countries, making use of others again, into surrounding China in the usual blockading strategy that it once employed against the USSR with countries surrounding the Russians from Norway through Western Europe all the way to Turkey as NATO.

Much earlier the USA had client states such as a Shah-ruled Iran and an earlier friendly-to-USA Pakistan. They were equally roped in as members of CENTO to oppose the USSR.

Today, the USA has recruited an once non-aligned India who salivates at American promise of new nuclear technology, aircraft carrier tactics and technology and warplanes. It has also coopted one-time archfoe Vietnam into its camp to surround China.

The South China Sea dispute was a heaven-sent-come opportunity for the USA to encourage the regional nations into opposing China for her island-making ventures. Even India, now an US client, has pompously voiced her intentions to send her naval fleet to the South China Sea (never an area of Indian interests) to conduct patrols and war games with Japan, Australia and the local naval powers.

The USA has this favourite strategy of surrounding countries it doesn't like (eg. USSR, China, Iraq, Iran, etc). Maybe it's in their wild west frontier DNA. So we have or had seen the formations of NATO, CENTO, SEATO, ANZUS and Japan-USA and South Korea-USA treaties, etc, wakakaka. 

I forecast that Duterte, with his ship jumping from the USA to China, won't last long if the CIA is allowed to do what it traditionally does, wakakaka.

The Yanks also has this habit of arranging the deposing of national leaders it considered and considers as not friendly to the USA, at times even assassinating them directly or indirectly, people like Salvador Allende of Chile, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq (its once best matey in the Middle-East), Soekarno of Indonesia and some African and South American national leaders.

On the flip side, it nurtured or even protected draconian dictators such as Saddam Hussein (when it suited the USA), the Saudi King and family, Anastasio Somoza Garcia of Nicaragua, some of Pakistan, Thai, South American, South Vietnam leaders, Suharto of Indonesia and Chang Kai Shek of Taiwan, etc.

Salvador Allende

Rodrigo Duterte may/will be next to join the list of leaders the CIA had arranged for their ousting or assassinations. Adios Rodrigo amigo, wakakaka.

Community service for minor crimes?

From MM Online (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — Minister Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said today the federal government is drawing up a list of amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act despite a similar proposal from PAS listed for debate in Parliament.

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic affairs said the government is working on its own revisions as the legislation governing Muslims — also known as Act 355 — had not been amended for a “long time”.

“If this amendment is passed by Parliament, the government would like to propose that Shariah offenders be punished with community service as well,” Jamil Khir said in a written parliamentary reply to DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

Jamil Khir Baharom is the boss of moronic Jakim. However if, as he has just assured us, the government will propose that syariah offenders be punished with community service instead of physical punishments for such minor issues, say wakakaka, as drinking haram stuff (root beer, tapai juice, etc, wakakaka), truant-ing puasa and eating Pretzel hot dogs, wakakaka, or overexposing hair when strong winds blow off sweeties' hijabs ...

... and not with increased flogging like what the Saudis did to the Qatif girl (a Shia sweetheart raped by 6 Sunni bastards), amputation of limbs or some draconian punishments as the PAS ulamas want it (those PAS ulamas love to punish punish punish kau kau kau), then that will be supportable.

rape victim flogged - she was a Shia and her rapists 6 Sunni Saudi animals

she was trialled by Sunnis 

By the way, I hope we also do away with capital punishments as we should NOT be barbaric like Americans, Chinese (in China, wakakaka) Sings, Indons (strangely more draconian under Jokowi but no execution during Suharto's days), Iranians, Pakis, Saudis etc who sanctify state organized cold-blooded murders.

Be more like Ozzies, Kiwis, Hongkies, East Timorese, Brits, West Europeans, etc.

Fairness of GST

FMT - The people don’t need GST and BN, says Guan Eng

I'm afraid I am disappointed with Guan Eng for criticizing GST. While I believe Najib has overexaggerated on GST saving Malaysian economy, Guan Eng please don't play politics with GST.

As for BN I leave it to the Malaysian voters to decide, whether they want BN to be the ruling party or the main opposition, but in either case, it can play a role provided it ensures first that there is no corruption among its members (BN members). I would not tolerate a one-party Malaysia, which is what PAS wants, wakakaka.

Back to my main disagreement with Guan Eng, GST is already a principal taxation mode in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Britain, etc because it simplifies taxation on goods to only one single tax instead of multi-taxes.

If correctly monitored, maintained and enforced it is the fairest form of taxation - anyone uses it, he or she pays taxes for it. In Malaysia it's 6%, while in other nations it is higher (10% in OZ). If we remove GST from oil, then oil may suffered from some other forms of tax. 

Don't conflate government subsidy for oil as GST. They are different. GST is just replacing other forms of taxes while government subsidies like pocket money, when removed, will naturally see a rise in prices or some loss to the pocket.

Some portion of the GST collected should be returned to state governments as state revenue, and not kept just by the federal government. That's what is being done in OZ though richer states like NSW and Victoria have complained that their share of GST have gone to states like WA.

I support GST where every consumer pays. As for government subsidies, we need a separate post to avoid mistaking one for another.


FMT - Now Jamil says name does not matter for halal status

Now, Jakim is swallowing its own venomous spit.

It's a useless moronic department with a RM1 Billion budget per annum yet it couldn't do something useful for the Muslim community.

Instead it divides, bullshits, threatens, bullies, f**ks itself up and eventually show itself for the bloody idiot it has always been.

It's one thing for Minister Aziz Nazri to chew Jakim up for its sheer stupidity which has brought utter shame to the Muslim community in Malaysia but it's altogether another thing for PAS to sneer at it.

Jakim should be disbanded. The government will save RM1 Billion instead of wasting on fools.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2)

13 years after he raped, murdered and burned Canny Ong, Ahmad Najib Aris was finally executed on 23 September 2016 at 6 am.

I was against that execution or any execution because I stand strongly against any capital punishment. It was just another form of state sanctioned cold blooded murder, the act of a barbaric state. I'm ashamed to say Malaysia or any other states that imposes capital punishment (eg. China, Sing, USA, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc) are barbaric.

Star Online reported that: The randomness of the crime – Ahmad Najib had no apparent motive – made it all the more horrific and prompted many unsolicited and baseless conspiracy theories much to the dismay of Ong’s loved ones.

Note that the murderer was said to have no apparent motive, yet in another far more famous or notorious murder, of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, many public members, specifically those in Pakatan insist on there was, had to be a motive for any murder, meaning Shaariibuu's murder.

But they remained strangely silent on the murderer of Canny Ong being without any motive, but such is prejudice, particularly reckless, emotional and invincibly blind double standard prejudice, especially when that prejudice has been laced with the poison of acrimonious politics.

But I have to acknowledge that most Pakatan supporters have been absolutely right in that there is no such thing as a murder without motive. Even the ISIS murderers on a senseless killing spree did and do have a motive - please work that out yourself.

Yes, I would say that if someone has been killed, there was definitely a motive.

The famous British crime author, P.D. James, who served for thirty years in various departments of the British Civil Service, including the Police and Criminal Law Department of Great Britain's Home Office, as well as a magistrate and as a governor of the BBC, wrote in her book The Murder Room that “All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.”

Ahmad Najib Aris who murdered and then burnt the body of Canny Ong was motivated by lust, which saw him raping her before killing and attempting to get rid of her body through burning the corpse to hide his crime.

I was monitoring the news and some blogs to see what they would say about the nonsense of Canny Ong's murder being without apparent motive. But obviously no one or at best, very few cared about Canny Ong or for that matter, Shaariibuu Altantuyaa.

The latter, Shaariibuu would only be useful if her murder could convict someone, a particular person. Otherwise, Shaariibuu was just like Canny Ong, a murdered person of fleeting interest in a highly politicized Malaysia.

Much as I am a pro DAP person, I have to say the bias is sheer f**king bloody double standards by Pakatan supporters when they have been insisting that Shaariibuu murder must have had a sinister motive which the court failed to reveal, but remained silent on Canny Ong's case of no apparent motive for the murderer.

It's not that Shaariibuu Altantuyaa's case had no motive for her murder, but those Pakatan supporters wanted a motive which fits into their wishlist and the motive must be that of one specific person. That's dangerous, emotional and without justice, very reminiscent of the mindset of WWII Kempetai and current religious types.

Two police officer were convicted of her murder and sentenced to death. What were their motives? If you ask Mahathir, Mahfuz Omar or Pakatan supporters, they would tell you those two guys were INNOCENT and NAIVE and probably still virgins, and only acting on higher instructions.

But where is the evidence for such a belief?

Okay, kaytee suspects the motive for killing Shaariibuu Altanyuyaa was one of the four L's, love lust, lucre (money) and loathing. I pick lust, to wit, those two were told to remove her from Baginda's house where she was making quite a racket, but subsequently (allegedly) decided to rape her and have a bit of lustful fun, but the situation turned ugly where they shot her and then attempted cover their crime by demolishing her corpse with C4.

Yes, it's only kaytee's suspicion but isn't my suspicion far superior than a photoshop image of 3 dining in Paris, courtesy of Tian Chua of PKR, in a sinister underhanded politically-motivated attempt to implicate Najib Razak when there is no such event, or mindless clueless evidence-less accusations against Najib? And where every speck of dust floating around became a Earth-size planet suitable for living or executing someone.

Because the wishlist was to have Najib identified as her murderer, C4 became a tightly controlled item. But if it was Anwar on the receiving end of the accusations, C4 would then have been freely available as we would suddenly reveal to the world that the Malaysian Armed Forces have been notorious for their lax security on C4, which like an Omega watch, could be found in more than just one corner of Malaysia.

It had been the same treatment as for Canny Ong who was murdered with no apparent motive but not so for Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, whose murder must have a motive. Sheer double standards

In reality only the most mindless moronic mad murderer would deliberately kill someone without motive, but then I suppose his lawyers could plead insanity (and he would probably win too with the court ruling 'twas no murder but an act of madness').

In probably the last court case on Malaysia's most notorious murder, my hero Karpal Singh was very angry with the bizarre statement of the Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, who astonishingly said "Whatever the motive was, it is a matter of law that the motive, although relevant, has never been the essential to constitute murder."

And this was AFTER he admitted that Abdul Razak Baginda could have had a motive to murder Altantuya as she was blackmailing him.

But then the most learned judge stunned every legal person in Malaysia (well, almost everyone) by declaring the motive could not be the basis to call for Razak Baginda's defence.

So, my Lord, what basis if not motive should be the case then? Would a videoclip of the murderer (plus 4 witnesses) plunging the knife (or detonator) into the victim's heart do? I dare say His most learned Lordship by his flabbergasting ruling further enhanced the already strong suspicion against Najib Razak, wakakaka.

Well, everyone including the most learned judge knew that Altantuyaa was blackmailing her ex lover Razak Baginda with such aggression that he became terrified enough to ask for special protection, so most would say there was initially love and lust in their relationship, and then when the passion and ardor turned cool and relationship soured, the blackmailing for money (lucre) kicked in, with the final outcome of loathing, probably of a mutual nature.

But I suppose his Lordship knew best in asserting that motive cannot be the basis to suspect someone, so much so that Karpal Singh was moved to say:

"The High Court has provided a precedent for the acquittal of a person with a motive to murder and charged with abetment without calling his defence."

"It’s the first time in this country that an affidavit used for the purpose of bail and later tendered as an exhibit was used to acquit an accused person."

Mind, I've been NOT surprised by our amazing judiciary ever since the unbelievable (original) Adorna ruling where the Malaysian court (supposedly of law) helped crooks relieve rightful owners of their properties.

Thus it’s hardly surprising and perhaps also politically convenient (also a motive, wakakaka) that most Malaysians would cast their eyes on siapa godfather-nya?

Of course Baginda's close friendship with Najib plus alleged corrupt armed purchases had deepened the suspicions that there had been kow-tim-ness.

Those suspicions were/are all emotional, natural and thus unavoidable, and coupled with the (lack of) reputation of our alleged kow-tim-able judiciary, had led to accusations that our Malaysian Don Corleone might had intervened.

I'd go along with such suspicions as natural but quite emotional rather than coolly logical. We must have evidence for that has been our legal foundations but thus far we lack that evidence.

And just read some of the readers' comments in Malaysiakini on the judge’s dismissal of charges against Razak Baginda, such as “The 2 policemen had no motive to murder Altantuyaa” and ...

... as someone commented in my last post in Exploiting the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu that “The UTK goons who were convicted were just the idiots who shouted 'Aye Aye Sir' and carried out the orders. Who gave the order to drop the bomb?”, ...

... I had long come to the conclusion that even if the judge had called Razak Baginda to give his defence and he was subsequently found guilty, those baying out for blood would still not be satisfied.

No sirree, as mentioned above, not with Razak Baginda or even those already ‘found guilty’, namely Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar.

Just a reminder, the two policemen were the ones who were the last people with a still-alive Altantuyaa when they whisked her off from Razak Baginda’s house to her sad fate.

But those Malaysiakini readers and Pakatan supporters want Najib’s head. They want him not just as an accessory to the murder (in helping Razak Baginda) but as the murderer.

Why? I suppose we could ask: what's their motive? Wakakaka.

Thus it is sad that today I read Shaariibuu Setev, the father of the late Mongolian woman, said there is still no justice 10 years after Altantuya’s murder, even when the two policemen who murdered her have already been found guilty and sentenced to death. Setev has even accused Australia, Mongolia and Malaysia of colluding to hide the real murderer. I've never heard of such wild accusations.

Ihas been such a politicized (not just political) issue that some Pakatan supporters had even mourned Shaariibuu Altantuyaa when they might not have even mourn their own grandfather. So what chances would Setev have in their biased midst?

I hope the effort was not wasted without obtaining an 4-Ekor?

Poor Shaariibuu Setev - he has been conned kau kau by certain people into believing only one person fits the bill.

Read also:

(2) Who really cares about Altantuyaa Shaariibuu?

Kaytee Note:

titled this post as The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2), although there is no discussion of Stat Dec within, just to provide a continuation of the earlier post with same title (1), wakakaka

New post over at Kongsamkok

I have a new post over at Kongsamkok titled Grandfather's stories (3) - Two very surprised highwayman

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Are Malays easily 'confused' as claimed?

From FMT - A sad day when logic goes to the dogs (extracts):

It’s downright confusing how the religious authorities in our country believe Muslims can be so easily confused these days.

After eons of ordering “Hot Dog satu, adik!” from roadside stalls manned by Malays, it’s mind boggling how Pretzel Dogs can be confused all of a sudden as dog meat, mixed into dough, twisted and baked for human consumption by a trusted and well-loved international pretzel chain.

wakakaka - JAKIM's hot dog

Yet, that is precisely what the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) was concerned over when they refused halal certification for Auntie Anne’s recently.

While members of the public voiced their bewilderment at this move, the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) stepped right in to support Jakim, saying the decision was in line with the teachings of Islam and the word “dog” in the menu, was inappropriate.


In July 2013 I posted The truth behind the Alvivi bah-kut-teh in which I wrote (extracts only - you can read the entire post via the link provided):

I read RPK's Chinese hypocrisy at its best and Bak-kut-teh is NOT chik-kut-teh with much amusement and, alas, a wee spot of shame because RPK's condemnations of the hypocrisy of some Chinese Malaysians have been spot on.

The issue revolves around the notorious Alvivi Duo who recently stirred steamy shit with their bah-kut-teh buka puasa provocation.

Some Chinese Malaysians in a kniasu attempt had jumped swiftly into defending the naughty duo, arguing pathetically on semantics, namely that the Chinese-Hokkien word 'bah' literally means 'meat' and should not be taken to imply 'pork' whence it could then have meant 'chicken' or even 'beef', and thus there was no insult in the duo's Facebook greetings to Muslim to buka puasa with a bowl of delicious bah-kut-teh.

One of the kniasu group had even argued that bah-kut-teh refers to the herbal ingredients rather than the meat they flavour.

Wakakaka, you see, it's not only some Malay-Muslims who would defend ulamas blindly despite the clerics deserving condemnations. Some Chinese also did and will do that for what they believe to be 'their side'.

I haven't considered the Alvivi pair ever as on 'my side', wakakaka. But that's besides the point. We must not defend the wrong.

I then argued that bah-kut-teh should NOT be disguised in debates as NOT pork (unless it's stated clearly as chi-kut-teh), because in Penang Hokkien, the word 'bah' has traditionally and by convention been accepted as pork (and not generic meat, unless it is said so), and I provided several examples in that post The truth behind the Alvivi bah-kut-teh.

lor bah (sometimes spelt as lor-bak)

does any Chinese Penangite believe 'bah' or 'bak' is not pork?

Yes sir, it's part of the continuous war of words between Muslims and non-Muslims, brought to a dangerous boil in recent years by new political in-your-face mentality on both sides of the fence, a dispute emphasized since Anwar Ibrahim led PKR, PAS and DAP into a formidable coalition to frighten BN.

And when both sides of politics have been equally frightened and threatened with political loss, the political debate on policies and leadership inevitably degenerated into insults, including racist insults.

DAP Chinese have become DAPigs (a wasted effort as Chinese actually consider pigs as cute and even name children as piggy) while UMNO and PAS Melayu were sneered at as blur-sotongs. Mind, it's not due to Malaysian love for nature's creatures, wakakaka, but have been downright silly racist insults. I suppose those racist invectives have been substitutes for angry masturbations, wakakaka.

Both ethnic groups involved in spate of words or insults were equally kniasu, wakakaka.

But while I had been frank about bah-kut-teh being cooked with pork, there should be a limit to nonsensical conjuring up of food names per se as animals haram to Muslims, such as 'hot dogs'.

JAKIM has been the silly boy alluding to such a moronic insinuation, but if it thinks hot dogs are made up of dogs, it is being stupid, but you know something, I reckon it's not and I'll shortly tell you why.

Hot dogs have existed in Malaysian for eons, with even Muslims operating hot dog stalls. Ditto root beer (sarsi).

Now, why is JAKIM being seen to be so silly or moronic?

It's a government agency with a RM1 billion budget, which has been why it is frantically looking for a noticeable role in society, to wit, their survival as a government useful organization.

From questioning (or more probably, angry) remarks by even HRH Sultan Johor about its nonsensical billion ringgit budget, it fears being disbanded.

So we should expect it and similar organizations such as JAWI and JAIS to cari pasal (find fault, look for a role) such as creating a mobile phone application for reporting khalwat, adultery and such like, or harassing people like Nik Raina and Kassim Ahmad, in order to justify their bloody existence, or harassing Bangladesh (or Paki) Shias when the Malaysian government has said foreigners who are Shias, have been exempted from prosecution.

The JA-organizations have been simply useless in their role (whatever that might be) but ugly in their frantic efforts in looking for one, always blaming Malays for being easily 'confused'.

BTW, an advice for JAKIM - if you want Auntie Annie's Pretzel Dogs to be changed to Pretzel Sausage, so as not to confuse the easily 'confused' Malays, be aware that at some hot dog stalls (not Auntie Annie) not all hot dogs or sausages are pork-free, wakakaka.

Some hot dogs may be beef sausages but wrapped with bacon, while others could well be chicken, pork etc sausages.

Incidentally, the author of the latter have been good with her English puns (and proverbs) in titling it A sad day when logic goes to the dogs wakakaka. Or, was it one of FMT's editors?

Compassion or Schadenfreude?

MM Online - Hudud won’t solve all woes, former Perlis mufti says

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 — Having hudud laws will not guarantee zero crime, former Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya said as PAS seeks to table a Bill that critics say will open the door to implementing the strict Islamic penal code in Malaysia.

The Islamic scholar pointed out that Prophet Muhammad also did not manage curb crime during his lifetime, adding that other factors must be addressed for hudud to fully succeed as a mechanism to tackle social problems.

“If a person says if hudud is implemented it will solve all social problems the that person is ignorant. Hudud is merely a mechanism to solve [some of] the people’s problems.

“If they assume implementing Islamic laws will produce an angelic society? Than they are ignorant about Islam,” Juanda said in an interview last week with Projek MMO, Malay Mail Online’s sister publication in Bahasa Malaysia.

“Vice and crime existed within the Madina Islamic society. The prophet was there at the time along with divine revelations, yet theft and adultery took place,” he added. [...]

He also pointed out that Muslim community leaders like the imams appeared more interested in bickering among themselves for positions instead of working towards improving their respective communities.

“What happen to the functions of village head and imams? They seem to be more interested in fighting among themselves for posts,” he said.

Juanda also asserted that forgiveness was paramount in Islam, a quality that gave the religion much of its appeal.

Well, the ulama's of PAS and others, like perhaps in Perak wakakaka and Selangor and FT have already changed the compassionate face of Islam into one of intolerance and ferocity by their mortal feral behaviour and actions, for their self interests.

I assess two reasons for PAS' incessant push for Hudud, these being:

(a) to make the PAS' ulama even more powerful, to an extent that Muslims will not dare to question their mortal edicts, which of course they will claim came from Allah swt, as the son of the late Nik Aziz had said, regarding the drastic flooding in Kelantan as a message from Allah swt - see my post Look in thy mirror; Stop blaming others

(b) to punish and hurt Muslims kau kau because the ulama of PAS like to prohibit, prosecute, persecute and punish - see my post Theocratic 3 P's - prohibit, persecute & punish

Penang's 130 million year old rainforest

From the Malay Mail online:

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 16 — The research programme on Penang Hill for the Unesco Biodiversity Reserve application will turn the island state into a world-famous research site, said biologist Dr Margaret Lowman.

The American ecologist said even without the Unesco inscription, the area has the potential to become a famous research site due to the pristine forest on the hill.

“We are looking at a 130 million-year-old rainforest, so I think the opportunity to work here is not only globally important, but it will offer such an amazing chance for local students to have the opportunity to work with international scientists in long term research right here, in their own backyard,” she said in an interview with Malay Mail Online recently.

Lowman, better known as Canopy Meg for pioneering the science of canopy ecology, said there are also more new species waiting to be discovered in the rainforest up on Penang Hill.

“There will be lots of new species to be discovered simply because nobody has been up there,” she said, adding that last year, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers discovered several new species after a brief few days of research.

Lowman will be bringing in more international scientists to be part of the research programme in partnership with USM researchers. The project is a state government project that is supported by Penang Hill Corporation and eco-tourism site, The Habitat, which is run by Creative Quest Sdn Bhd.

Now this is what I would call an innovative plan/program to add value to the attraction of Penang Island. I congratulate The Habitat, USM, the Penang Hill Corporation and the Penang State government for their collaboration in not only academic research but also elevating the state of Penang to international limelight, participation and academic networking.


Oh, wakakaka, don't forget we also discovered the world's longest snake recently in Penang - surely that tells you how virgin our Penang Hill 30 million-year-old rainforest is. 
See also my post Penelope Phoebe Python, wakakaka again.

God knows what else will be discovered in the jungle?

Monday, October 17, 2016

English the only solution?

Malay Mail Online - Sarawak CM: Emphasising BM over English ‘stupid’ (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 — The prioritisation of Bahasa Malaysia over English in education policies dating back three decades is “stupid” and the cause of graduate unemployment now, said Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

The Sarawak chief minister said the country should have placed equal emphasis on both languages.

“Back then, it was decided that correspondence with the government, if not in Bahasa Malaysia, would not be entertained. How could you have a policy like that?

“That is why so many graduates these days could not get a job because they cannot speak proper English,” he was quoted saying yesterday by local daily The Borneo Post.

Noting the sheer volume of books on science and mathematics published in English, Adenan also expressed his doubts on whether the country’s authority on Bahasa Malaysia — Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka — could cope with the volume of new material daily.

“Are we going to translate all of them? Why do we have to do it twice when you can do it once?” he asked.

While Adenan has a point, I don't agree with him entirely.

I believe the change over to Malay had been too total and too much in a rush. The old saying 'Slow and steady wins the race' would be most correct in this issue.

The changeover should have been gradual, just keeping behind the translation process for books on science, maths, technology and other internationally written books.

There is nothing wrong with requiring correspondence with the government to be in Malay if the rule wasn't 101% strictly enforced - in other words, have the rule but also have some flexibility, especially when it comes to technical words.

But on other issues, as in academia, medicine, science, technology and international business, the government should have been been less nationalistic and hasty.

In this issue, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka had failed miserably as the principal government translator while those encouraging the obscene rush in the changeover, like Mr Manmanlai but Harng-Faiti-Lah (wakakaka), had been equally culpable as well. DBP should have employed more translators, even Indonesians, Dutch and other experts.

It was not wrong to nationalise our mainstream language per se but as everything in Malaysia, we tend to rush for political brownie points, to score with the once powerful Malay teachers lobby, to show the Heartland of admirable nationalistic fervor so to win their approval, without considering the realities of life. Inconvenient realities and processes were swept under the rattan mat. Indeed, it should have been a 'slow and steady' program.

English is of course important but there are many nations which have got along quite well with their own languages like Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Low Countries. Maybe they possess adequate translated books from abroad, maybe not, but many like Japan, Germany, the Scandinavian countries and France have fared far better than Britain.

Adenan might have sounded correct but ONLY because of the poor implementation of Bahasa, and more than half of what he has just said has been to his political convenience, thus also cocktalk.

For example, many Malaysians are currently unemployed not just because they have poor English command, as Adenan said, but because their qualification are deemed dodgy and their education irrelevant to the needs of commercial and technical sectors.

Our universities could not be placed within the top 100 of various types of international ranking, while a lil' country like Hong Kong with just a comparatively measly population of 7 million would have two or three of theirs in the top 100 positions. It just go to show the poor standards of Malaysian universities.

And if our Malaysian universities couldn't teach for society's needs in Bahasa, how do one expect them to teach well in English?

My post title 'English the only solution' may be so for the current situation in Malaysia, but only because our official program was ill conceived, ill implemented and made a political footfall for some politicians. But that doesn't mean we should neglect our Bahasa.

October wakakaka

In recent days I have been blogging on Pak Haji Hadi Awang's Bill to amend Act 355 which seeks to allow the syariah courts to increase its current maximum permitted sentences.

I and many other Malaysians see Pak Haji's Bill as an approach by sleazy sneaky stealth to snuck in Hudud punishments, firstly, for political acceptability by Muslims, minus the death sentence such as by stoning to death or by decapitation but probably with amputation of limbs for alleged crimes and increased floggings for 'sins' which in any other language would not be considered as crimes.

The horrendous persecution (or bullying) of Nik Raina has warned us that ulamas could not be trusted to be above board. They have proven themselves to be bullies on the strength of their religious given warrant, showing their lust to punish their victims kau kau.

Do Muslims believe that Allah swt has an intention to chop off limbs or heads of wayward Muslims? Hasn't Allah swt been frequently mentioned as the Compassionate One?

I reckon He is and it's only his questionable ulamas who lack His compassion and integrity.

Maybe in medieval times, due to the mode of tribal thinking at that time and the exigencies of the situations, such as war etc, chopping of arms was an expeditious method of deterring crimes such as thievery.

I will be the most powerful man in Malaysia

and by default of holy fiat, exempted from Hudud 

But in today's modern world, with more time to consider appropriate thinking (which has been why Allah swt endows humans with brains to think) and understanding on the nature and causes of crimes, and studies of criminology, there are more appropriate and humane ways to reconsider punishments, such as communal service for light crimes and longer incarcerations (but not death) for serious crimes.

The principal considerations today are not punishments per se, but rather restraints, rehabilitation and repentance.

Naturally once Pak Haji's Bill is passed, you can depend on him or members of his cohorts who like to punish, threaten and intimidate Muslims and one day also non-Muslims into their narrow thinking and publicly-seen beliefs, are likely to further enhance subsequent versions of the Bill to have the full plethora of severe punishments which they long to have in their hands or control.

The final version will probably see the exit (abolition) of the secular civil courts and, lo and behold, Malaysia becomes the true full Islamic nation that Mahathir had insincerely boasted about in 2002 for his own or party political survival.

But it will be an Islamic nation which the ulama have the advantage where they can punish but are never themselves punished, not even for forcing women to perform blowjobs for them or lying through their teeth.

will kaytee masuk Islam and be allowed 4 wives?

That Mahathir unilateral Declaration in 2002 about Malaysia being a fundamentalist Islamic nation saw Lim Kit Siang then tearing his hair out as he raved and ranted against the MCA and Gerakan Party for their subservient compliance with Mahathir's illegal boast, but alas, today Kit Siang himself cohorts with Mahathir. Memang Cina mudah lupa juga.

Or, maybe Kit Siang has ran out of hair to tear or voice so he no longer raves and rants against Mahathir as he used to do. Or he is just a bloody hypocrite (never thought I could bring myself to say this - makes me sad, for myself and Kit Siang).

Instead I want to blog on stuff as innovative approaches that add value to Malaysia, like for example,  the internationalised research programme on Penang Hill for the Unesco Biodiversity Reserve application, which will probably be in my next post.

One final word, it's not that I disrespect Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism or Taoism or Ayah Pin-ism, but the bullshit of some of their priests (even of long ago) and followers sometimes motivated me to speak what I believe to be the truth, and it then won't be pleasant for you, whether you are Pak Haji or Hannah Teoh. Wakakaka.

MB of Selangor

has he approved JAIS new application for Muslims to spy on Muslims?